Saturday, April 30, 2011

I buay pai seh, U pai seh?

There is no ugly woman, only lazy woman.

Do you believe in that?

Well I seldom wear make up or dress well cause in this isolated place I am at right now,

I guess nobody cared.

You see, I am in an Engineering Technology university.

Girls here don't wear skirts or dresses, or seldom, except for special reason.

Like for presentation, going for function, events etc.

Only not-pants clothing you can see people wearing is Baju Kurung.

Even so, the Malay girls seldom wear it.

For us it is a lil bit inconvenient.

We can go for fieldwork in those, how to climb the hills?

We can go to lab, can but inconvenient as I said.

Restricted movement cause we need to jaga2, you get what I mean wtf.

So here I am during the first day of my study weeks days going over Youtube.

I came across these videos, reality show from Taiwan.

Called Diamond something2 or something2 Diamond don't remember.

They had these competitions on how much these girls change before and after makeup.

So the girls have to come out with bare face, then show their make up skills.

I can say that the transformation are amazing.

These girls are mostly in their mid 20's.

They started using makeup around 13-14 years old.

This is in one of the episode:

One word, WOW!!

If you want to watch the video also can..

This one I embedded is related to the picture above..

You can browse through yourself for many other episodes.

I guess mine should not be a surprise to my friends since I usually AM bare face.

They should be surprised when I wear make up. LOL

But for those who don't know me...

Scroll down...

This will surely corrode my reputation but for the girls who hate pretty women,

or at least are jealous.

Stop, cause you hurting yourself.

Start putting in your efforts (of course what I mean here is not surgery).

And make up is only for show, I am not here to encourage.

Even good things come to an end.

Everything has it's limit.

Go nude when possible and no make up is always the best.

Wear only when you need extra boost and extra confidence in yourself.

This is ME, bare face (I did purposely make myself look abit ugly *slaps self*)

If you watched the videos, you'll see that too.

They put the girls in pyjamas, messy hair, large spectacles etc.


This is like the....3rd time?? this year that I wore makeup on my own?? wtf

The 4th was for a show,

which I was in a situation where I was forced to wear makeup.

Rusted skills and rusted makeup tools.

They had been resting in the cupboard for quite a long time.. huhu

So now my after look??

If you are wondering why is my eyebrows so clean?

I just went threading this afternoon.

My first threading experience!!

Before this I heard that it was painful.

But the lady was so pro, she did it so fast.

Now I think plucking is the most painful compared to shaving and threading.

Just to make you blind.

Please do not scroll down if you don't wanna be blind..

I add some more buay pai seh (shameless in Hokkien) photos.

Prepared to get blind, or vomit.

*uhuk uhuk uhuk*

And trust me, circle lens is the key thing for uzzlangs.

Don't know what it means? Go Google.

And, you still believe that there are pretty women out there?

Make sure you saw her bare face before making any important decisions.

And for girls, though guys will still go for natural beauty,

pampering yourselves and showing good first impression is still important :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Larger than life

Have you heard about him?

He's a Malaysian Mentalist.

And he's a super senior from my University.

I am very sure he graduated before I entered.

Read his latest post in his website.

It was shared by a senior.

An advisable path but not an advisable way to get there.

However his story is much more than just inspiring.

His biography would make a hit, especially to UTP students. LOL

Go read!

He makes me wonder why am I here...or why am I still here..

Most of us are here not by our own choice.

I think 80% of UTP students are sponsored students.

We came here cause we are sponsored.

Some people learn to like what they are given,

some just go with the flow...

Others have other random plans in mind...

title by: Backstreet boys :)

It's not related to the post but duhhh...

I got presentation and test tomorrow from 8am onwards..

My brain is occupied!

Wish me luck!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hard road

click on image for clearer view

This is part of my final exam timetable this semester.
First draft was all nice..
so we didn't complain cause for the first time we had "pretty" timetable.
And then shit happens.
This is the final draft.
2 papers in 1 day?!?! Again??
It seemed to happen every semester.
The last paper is in the morning the next day.
And all these 3 papers cramped together are critical and tough.

So what? You want a piece of me boy?
Yea, I played Starcraft.
Screw you.

Sorry I am so emo now.
Back to studies, it's 3.50am.

title by: Black Sabbath
the tune might not be nice but check out the lyrics!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nervous breakdown

I just had another heart breaking mind wreaking disappointing moment.
I swear if I am not strong enough I would just break down and
tear or smash everything in my way wtf.
I think it was something like this that I felt T____T

Or was it the other way round??

Well here is why.
I am having 2 tests today, Seismic Interpretation and Mandarin.

Seismic Interpretation was not confirm until this morning wtf! So I studied only for 1 or 2 hours hoping that the rumors will not be true. However got a text message this morning wtf that the test is on even without the lecturer, meaning the graduate assistants (GAs) will be there to conduct the tests. The test really tahap dewa aka God-like level. The thing is we don't actually understand the question. More than half of the paper cannot be found in lecture notes. A coursemate even Googled it up and it was not in Google wtf. If you understand interpretation, you would know that it is something you can't study, you write whatever you see. Even when we asked the GA, they asked us to ask the lecturer, which is silly enough, after the test.

The thing is I studied really hard for Test 1 but yet the one which came one was not what I expected. What I expected for Test 1, came out in Test 2, which I didn't focus on wtf. SO screwed. Some more marks for all Test 1 like so shitty....

If you think Mandarin is easy for me? Screw you. I forgotten many words. We had essay test and I was like wtf how to write this word that word. I almost wanted to write pinyin, which your marks will be deducted, but at the end I changed the sentence structure, making the essay sound so weird, like the sentences don't connect well wtf.

And I just knew today that tomorrow there will be a quiz, Friday another quiz wtf. Next week will be the last week before study week and I have assignment due, presentation and more tests wtf. After the final exam, we only have a week of semester break. This is going to be a looooong ride all the way till September T____T Hang on!

Latest update: I have Programming test on Monday and I am going down KL on Friday for Education visit. T____T help...

Title by: The shrink reloaded ft. Pryme

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


If you realized the frequent name change of my Blog,

it was because I was still deciding.

And I ended up with the current one.

If you had been following my blog,

did you realize my past few posts had been the name of songs?

Even this post, "Untitled" is a song by Simple Plan :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The road not taken

This, is just the beginning.

No one at 10 years old would tell your teacher that your ambition is to find oil and gas everytime you were asked about your ambition. Even after finishing Form 5 or Form 6 and someone asked what you would want to do? Who would be answering, "I want to find oil." As crazy as it sounds, we ended up there. Everyday the main aim is to find hydrocarbon. If you know where it is, you score! In the industry, you get the money. How did some of us ended up here? Doing something that we would never expect? Learning something that we have no slight idea about? It just happened.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy birthday Boy

To The Bf...

Happy 21st Birthday!!

God bless you and may you have an amazing year ahead! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Exam's dummies

(click for larger view)

Update soon. Currently busy with test.

And lab works. :|

Friday, April 8, 2011

Cut your hair

Never ending about my hair.. I know this is crazy.

Just like some people who are fair but wanna get fairer wtf.

Or fair people wanna get tan, then they think

it's too tan so wanna get fair again wtf

Crap, wtf am I crapping.

Well back to main topic.

But before the main topic let's see what my hair had been though:

after that it continued to this

and finally:

p/s: prepare for eye hurting photos

My hair when through lots of ups and downs wtf

So now what should I do with it?

Redye? What colour?

Recurl? Rebond?


Should I get back to basic and get patient with curling thongs?

Like long straight pure black hair I had for 2 years.

Currently in love with f(x)'s Victoria's hair.

My long hair T___T

My hair right now was some sort like hers

but hers was of course temporary for photoshoot.

Envy cause she still damn pretty with messy hair >.<

My hair grow kinda fast but to prevent heart attack

I don't cut it super short like guys wtf

I get bored very fast.

Sometimes impatient as well.

Any suggestions??


p/s: at last got eye soothing photos right...

post title by: Pavement 1994

Red Machine In Full Effect

Last Monday was full of surprises! LOL

I was waiting for 4 parcels to arrive.

Due to bad experience before, I had been buying from legal online shops.

Most of the shops had years of experience, excellent reviews and is a real shop.

You know like the shop you always walk into wtf


Wait for it....

This is like the largest box I've received by postage so far.

Nicely sealed


Spotted something red?

The seller is super nice,

they even put those shock absorbers in the box.

And so efficient, I made the payment almost midnight.

They text me the next morning to confirm my posting details.

After I confirm, they post it the day itself.

But too bad I was Friday so it arrived Monday afternoon.

Super fast considering the weekend!

Closer view...

Wrapped in plastics some more.

Extra protection


Among the enjoyable process of online shopping.

It's like receiving presents. lol

It's a hair dryer!

And it's red!! My favourite colour.

Well. if you noticed my bed sheet was red too :)

My first professional hairdryer....

Unbox it...

Nicely arranged..

If you knew what happened to my hair..

Yea it's all fluffy now, not fluffy la curly.

So I got myself a hair dryer with air diffuser!

Comes with 2 ordinary head??, or what ever you call that

Damn cool..even though it's more mini than the saloon one

I have not experiment much on the buttons.

Looks super confusing right?

All I know now is for the black button "O" mean off,

"I" mean low power and "II" mean high power.

The red button got 4 levels.

Middle one there is "O" as well, is cold air :)

"I" is very strong already so I've not tested the others.

What happens when I put "I" and "III", becomes "IV"??

I'll put that to test tomorrow.

Wanna see more of me in fluffy, ooppps curly hair?

Give you even if you say no wtf

This blogshop is highly recommended.

They sell all kinda saloon products.

If you wanna open a saloon, this is a great shop.

They sell the steamer, chairs, hair products equipments and all.

post title: by Antfield Rap - 1988 - Liverpool FC
p/s: I was a Liverpool fan during my, and Owen's, younger days :P

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Through the hair

If you guys are still wondering about this post:

Of how I went from this:

I miss my long hair T__T

to this:

sometimes this:

owhhh wtf sorry I am hurting your eyes T__T

And now this:

Yes, this is my current hairstyle.

Don't bother asking me what happened before the end result.

Go figure out yourselves.

Wanna know why it's an amazing change?

It all happened in a week.

Did I said I love experimenting before? :) you more pain in the ass eyes

One Step Forward

The bf had been away since Tuesday for a leadership camp.

I am proudly doing well. Haha.

Having a few updates in mind but I am kinda busy these 2 weeks.

Assignments, presentation, lab report, some designing jobs etc...

Few more hours till presentation.

No evaluation but still, we hope for the best.

Till then! Stay tuned for more surprises!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

when is a cave, not a cave?

Besides when sinkholes happen :)