Friday, April 8, 2011

Cut your hair

Never ending about my hair.. I know this is crazy.

Just like some people who are fair but wanna get fairer wtf.

Or fair people wanna get tan, then they think

it's too tan so wanna get fair again wtf

Crap, wtf am I crapping.

Well back to main topic.

But before the main topic let's see what my hair had been though:

after that it continued to this

and finally:

p/s: prepare for eye hurting photos

My hair when through lots of ups and downs wtf

So now what should I do with it?

Redye? What colour?

Recurl? Rebond?


Should I get back to basic and get patient with curling thongs?

Like long straight pure black hair I had for 2 years.

Currently in love with f(x)'s Victoria's hair.

My long hair T___T

My hair right now was some sort like hers

but hers was of course temporary for photoshoot.

Envy cause she still damn pretty with messy hair >.<

My hair grow kinda fast but to prevent heart attack

I don't cut it super short like guys wtf

I get bored very fast.

Sometimes impatient as well.

Any suggestions??


p/s: at last got eye soothing photos right...

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mizzura said...
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mizzura said...

i always love bobcut..really suit my face n i look younger :-)

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