Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nervous breakdown

I just had another heart breaking mind wreaking disappointing moment.
I swear if I am not strong enough I would just break down and
tear or smash everything in my way wtf.
I think it was something like this that I felt T____T

Or was it the other way round??

Well here is why.
I am having 2 tests today, Seismic Interpretation and Mandarin.

Seismic Interpretation was not confirm until this morning wtf! So I studied only for 1 or 2 hours hoping that the rumors will not be true. However got a text message this morning wtf that the test is on even without the lecturer, meaning the graduate assistants (GAs) will be there to conduct the tests. The test really tahap dewa aka God-like level. The thing is we don't actually understand the question. More than half of the paper cannot be found in lecture notes. A coursemate even Googled it up and it was not in Google wtf. If you understand interpretation, you would know that it is something you can't study, you write whatever you see. Even when we asked the GA, they asked us to ask the lecturer, which is silly enough, after the test.

The thing is I studied really hard for Test 1 but yet the one which came one was not what I expected. What I expected for Test 1, came out in Test 2, which I didn't focus on wtf. SO screwed. Some more marks for all Test 1 like so shitty....

If you think Mandarin is easy for me? Screw you. I forgotten many words. We had essay test and I was like wtf how to write this word that word. I almost wanted to write pinyin, which your marks will be deducted, but at the end I changed the sentence structure, making the essay sound so weird, like the sentences don't connect well wtf.

And I just knew today that tomorrow there will be a quiz, Friday another quiz wtf. Next week will be the last week before study week and I have assignment due, presentation and more tests wtf. After the final exam, we only have a week of semester break. This is going to be a looooong ride all the way till September T____T Hang on!

Latest update: I have Programming test on Monday and I am going down KL on Friday for Education visit. T____T help...

Title by: The shrink reloaded ft. Pryme


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ken said...

well.. those are tests right? not exams right? haha.. all the best :)

MayLin :: Melinda said...

Ken: If the coursework marks is 60% and finals is only 40%. tests surely count. Haha