Friday, April 8, 2011

Red Machine In Full Effect

Last Monday was full of surprises! LOL

I was waiting for 4 parcels to arrive.

Due to bad experience before, I had been buying from legal online shops.

Most of the shops had years of experience, excellent reviews and is a real shop.

You know like the shop you always walk into wtf


Wait for it....

This is like the largest box I've received by postage so far.

Nicely sealed


Spotted something red?

The seller is super nice,

they even put those shock absorbers in the box.

And so efficient, I made the payment almost midnight.

They text me the next morning to confirm my posting details.

After I confirm, they post it the day itself.

But too bad I was Friday so it arrived Monday afternoon.

Super fast considering the weekend!

Closer view...

Wrapped in plastics some more.

Extra protection


Among the enjoyable process of online shopping.

It's like receiving presents. lol

It's a hair dryer!

And it's red!! My favourite colour.

Well. if you noticed my bed sheet was red too :)

My first professional hairdryer....

Unbox it...

Nicely arranged..

If you knew what happened to my hair..

Yea it's all fluffy now, not fluffy la curly.

So I got myself a hair dryer with air diffuser!

Comes with 2 ordinary head??, or what ever you call that

Damn cool..even though it's more mini than the saloon one

I have not experiment much on the buttons.

Looks super confusing right?

All I know now is for the black button "O" mean off,

"I" mean low power and "II" mean high power.

The red button got 4 levels.

Middle one there is "O" as well, is cold air :)

"I" is very strong already so I've not tested the others.

What happens when I put "I" and "III", becomes "IV"??

I'll put that to test tomorrow.

Wanna see more of me in fluffy, ooppps curly hair?

Give you even if you say no wtf

This blogshop is highly recommended.

They sell all kinda saloon products.

If you wanna open a saloon, this is a great shop.

They sell the steamer, chairs, hair products equipments and all.

post title: by Antfield Rap - 1988 - Liverpool FC
p/s: I was a Liverpool fan during my, and Owen's, younger days :P

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