Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Avatar vs Paranormal Activity

At last, after such hectic weeks I got to watch Avatar in 3D.

Bought the tickets 3 days in advance XD

However, I was pretty disappointed.

I wasn't as good as I expected.

Or like how many people commented on.

Perhaps it was not my cup of tea.

Overall I thought it was not 3 dimensions enough,

I was expecting more to come-out-of-the-screen sorta.

For A Christmas Carol, you can even feel it though it's in 2D.

Rated by me : 7.5/10

Still, the best among all...

Horror movies!

Horror movies to me are the only satisfying one so far.

Paranormal Activity will be screened in Malaysia on 7 January 2010.

I downloaded it a week before Christmas.

Watched it twice and won't mind watching again wtf

Though it's a low cost film,

it's for sure better than New Moon or Avatar.

It's my opinion, no offense.

For those who have weak spirit,

advisable not to watch cause you may not sleep at night XD

Rated by me : 8.5/10


abouthetitle :

this post is about my views on
Avatar & Paranormal Activity.
And my ratings for both movies.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

# 444

It's post number 444.

I present the grand opening of my new blog :

Mua Shoppin' Bag in now open for public view.

I have longed to open a blog to share what are in my shopping bag.

I basically shop a lot.

If it's not on food, then it will be on shoes, clothes,

hair accessories, facial stuffs and bla bla bla.

But again, I am not some rich spoilt princess who shops like hell.

I do budget shopping and compare prices.

Well, most of the time, I think.

Before that,

I would like to apologize for not updating my blog on any X'mas eve,

or X'mas post because I am totally busy this freaking whole week.

It's proven when Babe says he misses me.

Yeah, he seldom say he misses me cause I usually boost around him.

I didn't capture any picture,

which makes blogging even lazier,

cause my hands were busy doing something else.

Now it's after X'mas,

I'll update more frequent.

Till then, adios!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

camera shy

Last Friday, had a prayer at home to bless the house.

So practically my relatives came to help as well.

Friends went out on a trip on the same day,

but I skipped due to the prayer.

Another friend going to Singapore on Saturday

and asked me out to a movie.

Sadly, I can't make it as well.

Have plan to make it up to her when she comes back.

I will not be in Kuching for Christmas,

will be celebrating Christmas in my village.

Going back anytime between Monday and Wednesday.

So, lets get the pictures to do the talking now.

2 cousins and 1 nephew.

Had their own drawing & colouring lesson while the adults were busy.

My cousin's peace.

Sempat posing while cooking.

Cousins and nephew playing hide and seek

Me posing with tumpiks. wtf

Family talks. Parents. Grandparents.

Shot by my brother

Shot by me. that's Pipi.

Short term of pink wtf

Minyak cap kapak. wtf Shot by my bro.

Lil children having early dinner

Nephew (right) trying to be Ultraman.

Cousin (left) trying to be......

Eating dinner

Me taking out extra plates, bowls, cups from the cupboard.

With my cousin.

Uncle (top) wrestling with his nephew (below).

They are at the same age.

Cousin and nephew just took their bath.

His towel too small for him. wtf

Tumpik, shot by my bro.

Part of the food.

High tea.

Another random shot by my bro.

The two of them just love to sit under the dining table.

Me making drinks for the guests.

That's me, holding my cousin's and nephew's Ultraman.

Tried to hide them. *evil*

Lunch time!

Semua makan2.

Camera shy

abouthetitle :

I don't have any idea of what to put as the title.
So there goes the caption of the last picture. wtf

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Update my blog tomorrow night. I'm tired and sleepy. Nites people!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nah! For ewww!

My last post was on December 1oth,

today is December 16th.

*smiles at self*

It has been almost a week without any post.

I am a pathetic blogger.

Lately I am so occupied with Dancing With The Stars,

downloaded the whole Season 9 with my super slow streamyx.

Plus, my brother plays Dota almost 24/7 so imagine the speed.

If not anything connected to dancing,

I will be busy trying to finish all the movies in my external hard disk.

Or doing survey on phones cause my receiver is currently sot already.

But most importantly is I sleep at least 12 hours a day,

you heard me - at least, not at most.

Today is the 24th day I am back an Kuching,

and sleeping has been my hobby since.

Day 1 I slept almost 24 hours :|

Had few plans hanging out with my Uni mates,

Secondary School mates and Primary School mates.

Sadly only went out once, the 5 hours K-box.

Twice, I apologized because I have family matters.

The BBQ trip this Friday, I can't make it :(

Will be having blessing prayer at home.

Next week *fingers crossed* hopefully plan with Uni mates succeed.

Before I end, congrats Bel for passing her driving test. xoxo

Abouthetile :

"Nah!" is said when people give things.
For example, "Nah! Take this!"
"For ewww!" is actually "For you!" in a lala way.
yikes! XD
So it's "Nah! For you!".
Yes, I give you this post after a long break.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I chose to leave him

I had this dream (yea, only dream lmao) which was quite blurry and it made me sleep till 12 noon today. I wanted to know what happened after the other so I kept myself in bed. It was a tragic love story (yea, exactly spelled like the Taylor Swift song wtf). There were me and two good looking guys, one was my boyfriend, let's call him Mr.bf, and the other was SCR (not Singapore Chicken Rice la, it's Sorry Cannot Reveal). In my dream, I guess I was around 25 years old (yes, I saw the future look of myself wtf). I was forced by my parents to marry SCR, which I was very reluctant of because I do love Mr.bf (not only in my dream la, real life too wtf). The problem is I cannot go against my parents decision and SCR is such a perfect guy that girls are drooling over him (but he's not selling the much loved Singapore Chicken Rice wtf). He is the kind of guy who has the attitude, the looks, the education, the money, the humour and all you want in a guy. SCR looked so irresistible that I hesitated. I made the decision to accept him as my husband. Apparently making the story even more tragic, SCR and Mr.bf are good friends. The scene at the wedding was funny and humiliating at the same time. No, I didn't run away (I'm not the runaway bride, Julia Roberts is) and Mr.bf was sitting there looking into empty space. Everything was not organized, people running up and down to get stuffs done. It was done in a rush, nothing was perfect. However, we managed to exchange rings and that was when I felt a click. This is wrong, what have I done? During the reception, I was in the washroom trying to figure out what should I tell Mr.bf and my parents. I wrote a short letter to Mr.bf, telling him how much I still love him and whether he will accept me if I was going to take off the rings (actually is wanna divorce but don't know why it didn't show in the dream). I walked out the washroom with my eyes swollen cause I cried so much. I bumped into him since I was walking with my head down to hide the teary eyes. The letter fell on the ground, he saw his name on it and immediate picked it up and read it. He said his love for me has fallen from 100% to 0.3% (lmao I don't know why it's 0.3% wtf but that was what he said in my dream). I knew he lied, he didn't want to look in my eyes wtf. So I told him I still love him and I made a very big mistake. Tragic part la where my tears like pipe, non stop crying. I was like feeling it that now I lost him is when I really need him. Then there was this flashback part on what I had done but he was so patient on me. I never appreciate what he did (Mr.bf told me this in real life actually, so I changed wtf) and I was always expecting something more from so much of what he had done for me. When he said his love only 0.3% lmao, I knew why but still kept asking why wtf. So he got tired and told me all the bad things I have done and I started to realize I want no other guy but only him. Okay, this part also funny. Suddenly I grab his hand, ran to my parents and tell them I wanna divorce that SCR. Then of course they knew what happen la cause I was holding tight on Mr.bf. They said okay lmao. SCR actually over heard what I said cause I was like screaming. Of course since he actually didn't love me, he kept cool and just smile at me, cause I finally found true love and learnt from my mistakes. I also don't know where the audience went, the background was like black, we were like floating in the galaxie wtf. The end wtf.

p/s : the story actually freaking funny and illogical but I learnt a lesson from it. Most of us learn only to appreciate people and things only when we lost them. At least in my dream Mr.bf gave me the chance and I got to turn back. However, not everyone get the same chance, only if your Mr.bf reply 0.3% or higher lmao.


Isn't it obvious?
If you've read the story, you'll know. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lala-ness defined

Found these interesting,
not-so-well-known yet so true definitions of :

Ah Lian

photo credit to My Interpretation
These are Japanese,
but Ah Lian(s) do the same pose to act Japanese-fail-wannabe.

Ah Lian is a pejorative term applied to a certain group of Chinese girls in Southeast Asia, especially Singapore and Malaysia. These Chinese girls, in their teens and twenties, are usually found in larger cities in the region. They usually hang out in Bugis Junction, Bugis Street, outside Cineleisure. In Malaysia they are usually found around Sungai Wang Plaza, Low Yat Plaza ,SS2 and are regarded as bimbos, and are stereotyped as anti-intellectual, superficial, materialistic, and shallow.

Ah Lians are commonly stereotyped as having hair dyed in bright colours, and wearing outdated Japanese fashion, although how much of this is true is debatable. Most of them also like to wear hot pants or mini skirts. Most Ah Lians have straightened long hair, usually with thick fringes. They like walking in big groups where most of the people in the group are Ah Lians or Ah Bengs and make their presence known by talking loudly.

They enjoy taking self-portraits of themselves and usually imitate the way Japanese girls take their pictures, making their eyes look big and puffing out their cheeks. They also take pictures by putting a horizontal 'Peace sign' over their eyes, pressing a fist facing outwards against their puffed cheek. They also apply a very sharp tone in their speech which they classify as "cute". Another distinct feature of an Ah Lian is they swear in most of their conversations similarly to their male counterparts, Ah Bengs.

The Ah Lian "culture" is especially prevalent in the secular Chinese educational system schools.

Ah Lians commonly speak a kind of hybrid mix of Singlish or Manglish and Chinese, or Chinese-related dialects. It is also common for the grammar from these dialects to cross over to English usage, creating English phrases with Chinese grammar.

Ah Lians are stereotyped as very loose, sleeping with anyone of any race, age, and social status.

Also, an Ah Lian is a common encounter while exploring Malaysia or Singapore, but they do give out nice amounts of exp, so training on them may be beneficial. Also, in Petaling Street, the boss Hao Po spawns every 50 minutes. Defeating her gives out 50, 000 exp and legendary equipment, including "Misplaced face" which is needed in the quest "Leng lui love you".

Recommended read : Anti Ah Lian Team


Ah Beng

photo credit to i lvoe win tea idol
To photo owner : Sorry, I googled "Ah Beng" and you came out
but credited the person who took your picture first hand so...ya know...

Ah Beng is a stereotype applied to a certain of a group of young Chinese men in Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore and Malaysia. The stereotypical view of a Ah Beng is a young Chinese man or teenager, that lacks cultural refinement or indulges in criminal activity or is involved in brawls or arguments out of disagreements with other people. Ah Bengs are also sometimes associated with extensively-modified or zhng-ed cars, [1] and are stereotypically seen as excessively flashy and show-offish. Ah Bengs are often stereotyped as trying to emulate Japanese street fashion.

In Malaysia, the term 'Ah Beng' usually refers to males who have unusual styles and tastes. And the term 'lala-zai' refers to males involved in stereotypical gangster activity or fashion such as the dyeing of hair.

A second definition of 'Ah Beng' is also sometimes used to describe young Chinese men in Southeast Asia who cannot speak fluent English and/or have graduated from the secular Chinese education system of the region. This definition is more positive than those above, as the Ah Bengs are not perceived as being into criminal activities or overly materialistic, but rather as followers of Chinese pop culture, such as Cantopop or Mandopop songs, Chinese entertainment shows and Chinese movies.

Ah Bengs are normally Chinese men in their early teens to late 20s, seen hanging out in groups and typically speaking in local slang, which is Hokkien or Cantonese mixed with English and Malay, such as Manglish or Singlish. Their English level is limited to simple English words and incorrect grammar. When having a conversation, Ah Bengs like to curse in their daily speech.

Ah Bengs' fashion come in several stereotypes. One stereotype perceives Ah Bengs wearing flamboyant shirts, for example, with colorful decorations especially dragons, tight jeans and always carrying plastic combs. Another stereotype perceives Ah Bengs trying to follow Japanese fashion, with spiked and dyed hair, metallic ornaments, leather jackets, belts and pants.

Ah Bengs are normally found gathering in the busier and more developed cities in the region. Ah Bengs normally comes from Chinese villages or Chinese dominated communities in cities. Ah Bengs typically come from lower class or middle class families.

Ah Beng comes from the romanization of the Hokkien pronunciation of 阿明 (POJ: a-bêng). 明 is a word commonly used in the names of Chinese males in the region; it means 'bright' in the sense of intelligence. In Malaysia, Ah Beng is also known as lala zai. 'Lala' has no actual meaning in itself, while 'zai' (pronounced 'chai') means 'boy'. 'Lala zai' refers to individuals who speak Manglish and possess a strong preference for gaudy fashions or hairstyles.

I guess some of you are thinking...
the definitions matched yourself
(start thinking whether to stay as Ah Lian/Beng or not wtf) or....
matched *ppssssst* (start gossiping wtf)
and start thinking who in your school/office look like Ah Lian/Beng...

As for me...been there, done that. :D
Yes, I was once "lala"...or "semi-lala".

Straight hair and thick fringe.
Doing those silly pose.

But no weird out dated Japanese fashions,
especially the clone-like-on most-Ah Lian hot shorts.

I don't lepak with Ah Beng(s) and

I don't type like this : plzZx dUnn angRYy mArhxx,
ii emM FrEeee 2 saYy wuTeVaa ii wanNx gEhz...
beSizExx ii gOt crAEdiZz neRhxx..
(typical "lala" language with mixed
up capitalization and funny language wtf)

Wanna see my "lala" picture..??

photo credit to youcam XD
looked so kiddy and super lala-ness.

abouthetitle :

"lala" is used among me & my friends to describe
the styles of Ah Lian and Ah Beng.
Yes, we don't use the word Lian/Beng.
Ah Lian and Ah Beng are defined
in, source : Wikipedia -The free encyclopedia.

Monday, December 7, 2009

patience for cake and shoes, get it?

Last night I tried to make chocolate lava muffins.

But was unsuccessful.

I guess the oven temperature was not high enough.

They were supposed to be baked at 450 degree Celsius.

But the highest temperature of my oven is 300 degree Celsius.

So I need to bake them longer

but they turned out to be muffins without lava wtf

Oh well, here I'll show you my steps.

Full recipe can be found at Food Wishes.

Applied butter on the cups.

I blend the sugar with the eggs.

Melted the Dark Chocolates.

With same amount of butter.

Mix the melted chocolate with the egg and sugar.

Add in cocoa powder.

Pour in cups and bake.
Decorate with icing sugar :)

My dance shoes just arrived.

I was still sleeping when this Post Laju man honk so loud.

I knew it was my shoes.

They arrived just the right time as mentioned!

I ordered my dance shoes from Dance Shoes Online (DSOL).
They have UK 4 at only 21.3 cm length (usually 22cm),
which fits me just right!
My feet is just 21.2cm (go take the ruler and measure wtf)

Used EMS (Express Mail Service) which provides mail service globally.

Zoomed in :
Shoes mailed all the way from their warehouse in Guang Dong, China.

EMS is really reliable.
I am able to track everything online from the day it was posted.
I can track the date,
time and location just by keying in my tracking number.

DSOL even gave free shoes bag.
Malaysia dance shoes store give only a box
(which DSOL gave as well wtf)

My dance shoes.
Didn't plan to get glitter shoes earlier on.
But then I shopped at the Overstock area
cause they were having 45% discount :D

And this pair have the right size,
right heels height, right colour (skin-like
But after discount still around RM200,
which is almost the same with a new one from a store in Malaysia.

That is an advantage of too small/large feet size.

It is always on the odd size section and we have discounts for that.

On the other side (of some shops),

the disadvantage is that they don't even sell that size,

so we need to tailor-made our shoes.

abouthetitle :

to make a cake (in this case, muffin wtf)
and to wait for your most awaited dance shoes from overseas,
you need lots of patience. So, get it now? wtf

p/s : abouthetitle is a new section introduced so that
people can understand why I used the title I am using wtf

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Malas punya post

Let me blog through pictures.
Feeling kinda lazy to blog lately.
Notice the depleting number of posts in a month.

So it was Wednesday night that me and
my family decided to spend time together.

I was happy wtf
Okay, it is normal to have my picture in almost every post.

Daddy wanted to try the newly opened MBO.

At tHe Spring, Kuching

We watched A Christmas Carol,
because New Moon may not be suitable for my parents.

The tickets.

It was so cold,
me & my Mum practically curled up in the
super hard & super straight seats.
Not comfortable at all wtf
Like in this picture, only vertically.

After watching movie,
we went to have dinner.
I took the Sarawak famous Kolo Mee.

That's all for my malas punya post.