Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Avatar vs Paranormal Activity

At last, after such hectic weeks I got to watch Avatar in 3D.

Bought the tickets 3 days in advance XD

However, I was pretty disappointed.

I wasn't as good as I expected.

Or like how many people commented on.

Perhaps it was not my cup of tea.

Overall I thought it was not 3 dimensions enough,

I was expecting more to come-out-of-the-screen sorta.

For A Christmas Carol, you can even feel it though it's in 2D.

Rated by me : 7.5/10

Still, the best among all...

Horror movies!

Horror movies to me are the only satisfying one so far.

Paranormal Activity will be screened in Malaysia on 7 January 2010.

I downloaded it a week before Christmas.

Watched it twice and won't mind watching again wtf

Though it's a low cost film,

it's for sure better than New Moon or Avatar.

It's my opinion, no offense.

For those who have weak spirit,

advisable not to watch cause you may not sleep at night XD

Rated by me : 8.5/10


abouthetitle :

this post is about my views on
Avatar & Paranormal Activity.
And my ratings for both movies.

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