Sunday, January 3, 2010

yes, I do

Suddenly I feel so emo to blog about this.
It's a love story, like Romeo and Juliet.
Just like the song sang by Taylor Swift.

"Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess
It's a love story baby just say yes"

When I first saw the girl,
I knew she was charming and even Mum agreed.
Then, I was maybe 13 and she was 4 years older.
I was matured enough to think whether she has a boyfriend.
She was too charming not to have one.

Not until her wedding day did I know she said "yes",
and she was my age.
It was puppy love turned true love.

When I heard her side of the story,
I was touched.
Here, I shall share the promise between two 13 years old to live together,

A day before their wedding day,
I heard him say :
"I would had killed myself if you didn't say yes when we were in Form 1"
Perhaps he was immature, or maybe his love was so powerful.

They quarrel a lot during high school.
But as days go by,
they learnt to be patient and change for one another.
Not many people can change for the sake of an underage teenage partner.
Just like many other teenagers,
they lied to their parents.

"I have group study"
"I have extra co-curricular activities"
"The teachers need my help in school"
"I have extra class"

It happened.
Those were the times where they get to go on little dates,
only me and you.

For once they graduated from high school:
they were distracted by dreams and ambitions,
distance and worst, parents.
They had no choice but to go separate ways.
There was no way she could get over it,
he too was devastated.

It did not last long.
Though separated by dreams and distance,
they continue loving each other without the knowledge of their parents.

It went on for quite sometime,
until both achieved their dreams.

When he had stable income,
they decided it was time to inform their parents.
Looking at how strong their children love is towards each other,
the parents blessed their children.

He proposed and for the second time she said yes.
Everytime I look into their eyes,
I saw the signs on happiness.

It had been 12 years since she first said yes.
Still everytime they look at each other,
their faces glow and their eyes shine.
Now, they are expecting a baby.
The baby is the seed of true love.

they are sooooo eeefreaking sweet.
make me feel like getting married soon wtf

abouthetitle :
During a proposal,
some people cry because they feel scared wtf,
some people just nod their head cause they are too nervous to talk,
some people slap their partner cause it means no wtf,
some people scream then faint,
occasionally people just say "yes",
but in movies or novel,
and in a blog we always expect "yes, I do"

4 comments: said...

so sweet...
nanged u. Nang this to read "STOP, please let me DO u....." tq v much

Wan Lin said...

i love this story... :) not every love story is this romantic. =)

MayLin :: Melinda said... : nanged u back! :D

wan linnie : yup! I always had the thought that puppy love can never last, especially when you're only 13. But this shows that age is really not the border to love. And nothing is :)

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