Friday, January 8, 2010

The moment

I am writing in reply to

The conflict caused by the word "Allah" had been going on for weeks.

Yes, the above blogs are owned by my friends,

Christians and Muslim.

We are the future leaders and feel ashamed of what are going on now.

In your faithfulness,

in your holyness,

in your total believe,

you do not need to go extreme.

Cause then you no longer will be a believer in religions,

any religions,

but only an extremist without any faith.


It was well said that why only now this issue being brought up.

Christians had been using the word "Allah" perhaps decades ago.

Not only in Malaysia but Muslim country like Indonesia.

It has been used way before I was even baptized,

before I believed in Christ.


This is perhaps my own view,

but think about it.

"Allah" is a word which brings different meaning to Muslim and Christian.

With your faith,

believe in your own meaning of "Allah".

If your believe and faith are so deep,

then there should be no fear.


I've read a few status in Facebook regarding this matter.

"Forgive them Father for they know not what they have done."

"If you're that faithful, you don't have to go that far...."

"How do you know it was Muslims who burned the church?"

authors will not be disclosed and status are slightly modified for protection.


In fact, it is true.

How if it's not the Muslims who booomed the churches?

How if there are people who try to worsen the situation?

And now you start pointing fingers at one another?

How can anyone prove that Allah is used by Islam first?

How if Allah is first used in Christianity?


Keep to your own faith,

trust in your own God,

Believe in your own Allah.

We all use the word Malaysia.

Though we have different views on Malaysia,

different race,

different religion,

different language.

Why we never question the usage of Malaysia?


The younger generations are voicing out.

We just want peace.

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Disclaimer : above are all own opinions by the author
and is not related to anyone, dead or alive.

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