Thursday, January 21, 2010

cause I'm leaving

"on a jet plane...

don't know when I'll be back again..."

Fine, I'm not leaving on a jet plane.

Just some ordinary Boeing whatever.

I'm done packing,

just in few hours.

Came back from my last dance class for now at 9pm.

Before that I had early family dinner at 5.30pm,

cause youngest bro had tuition at 6.30pm.

Parents asked why do I still go dance class,

when tomorrow is my flight.

I said it is just an hour,

then Dad said I am too active,

that's why I'm still thin though I ate alot like hungry donkey.

Not much to pack ,

forced my make up bag into my luggage,

forced my dance shoes in it too cause too precious cannot leave here wtf,

forced 2 other shoes in,

plan to bring other 3 heels when I come back for Chinese New Year,

after all only 3 weeks from now.

Still dreaming to make my dream come true go dance class in Ipoh la.

Okay, tired, go sleep now bye.

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Shahrul Shaharuddin said...

hy! nice blog.. and similiar like my template ( other blog) :)