Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Am I crazy?

Last night before bed I kept comparing the exorcist that happened in
The Exorcist and Paranormal Activity.
I sleep alone,
even facing the 4 panels windows
(some Chinese said cannot do this but like Clare said,
we both don't have those kinds of pantang lor...).
When I can't sleep then I will start thinking of those horror movies
and start comparing them wtf
Maybe I siao (crazy in hokkien)already.
Most people will totally avoid thinking bout those and
start counting sheep or start singing to themselves.

So last night I start to imagine the 2 girls.
Do not scroll down it you can't handle scary images.

So I start comparing whether both girls have scratches on their faces,
whether both only show their eye pupil without the iris,
whether both do not feel any pain hurting themselves.

Conclusion is they practically have the same symptoms,
and what attracted me is only the different ways they hurt themselves.

In The Exorcist the girl hurt her wrist trying to free herself,
and somewhere down there when the demon became powerful.
However, the girl was saved.

In Paranormal Activity, the girl ate her own arm till the bones.
The demon made her eat her own arm.
She was not saved but killed cause the demon was too powerful.

Okay, I think I am crazy.
When I start imagining those stuffs in the middle of the night.


Chili Crab said...

She eats her own arm? Sounds wow leh. Ok, gotta watch it!!! Paranomal Activity! Yes! Thanks for the indirect recommendation.

MayLin :: Melinda said...

chili crab : hahah..she's not the main character la..it's like they looked into some old video of exorcism. If you're a fan of horror, Paranormal Activity will be rated higher than Avatar. XD