Friday, January 8, 2010

Lady in Red giveaway

This is the first time I'm joining this kind of contest online.

What attracted me is the word RED.

That is perhaps the reason I am writing this post :D

So here's the link to the organizer,

Afidah Arif : A piece of Remember


And below is my entry picture.

I have lots of picture of me in RED.

No other reason than I love RED.

Fine, you saw it from my blog itself.

But I chose this picture below cause I was RED,

from head to toe...

from shirt, pants to the roller blades.

Location : Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS basketball court

Time : Late at night, 11PM maybe :D

Since the contest in themed RED,

which caused me to go high-wire,

plus the prize comes from UK *grins*


RED is the theme for the organizer's bro's wedding.

And thus the theme for this contest.

Happy Wedding!!

Speaking bout RED,

I plan to dye my hair red.

Not this RED, this RED.

Awww!! :D


firahadifa said...

reviewed! good luck!!!

firahadifa said...

reviewed! good luck!!!