Monday, March 29, 2010

I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!!!!!!

Okay, look at the number of "!!!!" I put,
more than 1 means it's really something to be excited about kay... lol

So how many of you bloggers and readers out there have heard about Project Alpha?
Sounds like a really mighty 007 mission right? :D
That is what I thought of when I first heard of it.
Being a science student, we learned that Alpha male is always stronger than Beta.

If you missed the audition for the first 2 seasons,
here comes the 3rd season!!
Don't miss the chance to be a TV Star!!

So here is the official definition of Project Alpha
(mind you, it's actually not 007 mission la) :

What is Project Alpha?

Project Alpha is the country's first online reality TV series that gives viewers a look into the lives of Malaysia’s top bloggers and see firsthand, what makes them tick.

So this season (season 2) features 7 bloggers:

and not forgeting the ever gorgeous host Jojo Struys who is also a blogger :)

An audition is the only thing you need to have a chance to be the Project Alpha TV Star!!

And not only being a star, there are marvelous prizes to be won!

1st Prize
  • 3 days 2 nights stay at 360Kuching Hotel, Kuching in a Deluxe Room with breakfast for 2 pax
  • Adidas ACTION 3 hamper worth RM100 (Includes a South Africa 2010 mini ball)
  • P1 W1GGY Prepaid worth RM199

sad case here. I am from Kuching and I have yet to step in 360Kuching Hotel.
The thing is when it was opened, coincidently I came to Perak :|

2nd & 3rd Prize
  • Adidas ACTION 3 hamper worth RM100 (Includes a South Africa 2010 mini ball)
  • P1 W1GGY Prepaid worth RM199

So see!! The prizes so grand so where got can miss??

HOW to join you say??

So here is how you can do the audition....

Present to us a video (60 seconds or less), in your own creative way on why you should be on Project Alpha!

To submit your audition, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Join ruumz or login to your account

Step 2: Join the Project Alpha ruumz group! (You're looking at it!)
*The option to join is located on the top left hand side of your screen.

Step 3: Upload your video into the 'Auditions' Album below

Step 4: Insert a title and a short description about your audition.
* Tip: You can also tag yourself to your video so that it will appear on your ruumz profile page

Step 5: To increase your chances of being selected, get your friends and family to "Like" your video

T&C applied

I would love to audition for this but my Uni line so sucky.

Even to post up this I need to save my post from time to time,
just in case when I click "publish" the web will go webpage not found,
and I will be crying cause the whole thing maybe gone.

So there again,
is another reason why I cannot join the audition.
Superb sad case,
I cannot even watch videos on Facebook or Youtube.
Cause line got blocked and this "company violation" will appear.

I have the software to unblock them but even more
sad sad sad until cannot sadder is it cannot be use these few days :(

So if you have the chance,
don't miss it!!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open!

Euphonious post #1

Dear UTPians and interested readers :

Vote for the artist you wanna see during Euphonious 2010 NOW!!!

Please visit for more info!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No sweat!

It would be a very awful sight to have sweat patches beneath your underarms.

Walking under hot sunny days is a big challenge.

Plus if you are wearing some thick formal blouse or shirts, with your blazers on.

You won't want to arrive at your classroom or office with semi translucent back,

or patches on the underarms.

I dislike people with sweaty smell, especially my brothers after they play basketball.

Every time they arrive home, the whole house would smell of rotten eggs.

My boyfriend plays futsal everyday and sweat is of course something common,

but when we take dinner together right after his game,

I do feel uncomfortable with all the sweaty smell.

This is the time when you need anti-perspirant.

Introducing Adidas Action 3 Fresh.

Most guys even some girls dislike roll on anti-perspirant,

roll on anti-perspirant are usually less effective and quite tideous.

This Adidas Action 3 Fresh anti-perspirant spray is just something perfect.

Not only it prevent sweat,

you can spray it on just like a perfume because it is also an anti-odour.

Some anti-perspirant leaves white marks or create whitening effects,

but fear not!

Adidas Action 3 Fresh anti-perspirant spray is anti-whitening and anti-trace!

It will work just fine even when your wearing your million dollar shirt.

The active absorbent complex also helps to absorbs extra wetness

and keeps you fresh up to 24 hours.

Wait no more!

Grab your Adidas Action 3 Fresh anti-perspirant spray,

it is now available in selected pharmacies and most supermarkets.


On the other hand, auditions for Project Alpha Season 3 is now on!

Bloggers out there, this is your chance to get famous.


Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Auditions are now open!

Monday, March 22, 2010

no reason to live

This is what my brother posted up as his recent Facebook status:

"just can't find a reason to continue living."

And I had been figuring out the same thing since primary school,

that was 10 (ten wtf) years ago.

I finally found the reason why I am still living until today,

though there was once we quarreled and I told my parents that I would rather die.

The reason I survived until today is because I am still looking for the reason.

I figured that there must be a reason,

I grew to get closer to God and to find out the reason He placed me on Earth.

I told my brother that I still don't find the reason as well since 10 years ago,

and that's why I am still living to find it.

I know my brother is totally stressed up by this whole forced-to-take-medic drama,

life can't be much worst when I was forced to stop dancing,

and got slapped by my Mum.

Yea, I am born in a very strict family.

I have 2 other siblings.

We all excel in our studies though we are at most lazy,

but usually being forced to study.

Until I came to Uni then I realized I am doing it for myself,

so now I do everything without being forced by my parents.

Most of the time I get totally stressed out is because I force myself.

When you lose hope and figure there is no reason to live,

keep yourself alive cause you need to find that reason.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mind stressing

Sorry I am too lazy to upload pictures.

Just that I was in Penang, and when I got back I was roaming Ipoh & Kampar.

It is mid semester break but none of the days I slept more than 6 hours.

Now, get back to my project.

Mind stressing.
Oh ya, my brother got the exposure/practical for JPA overseas Medic.

But he said it is bullshit cause he is being force.

He said whatever, so whatever.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good luck bullshitter

As mentioned in an earlier post, brings you hell, my brother got straight A's in his SPM.

And now he is being forced to take Medics.

I know many students out there are most probably being force by their parents,

not only parents, but brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents,

practically everyone to do something they wish you would do.

So my brother loves agriculture (what I last known) but he got straight A's,

and everyone thought it would be a waste to take something not up to standard.

Every day and night people around him kept talking about medics.

Today is the last day of JPA overseas application for SPM leavers,

and he was forced to apply for JPA medics.

Now, I got a better result than him but it's not something to be proud of. wtf

I was not forced to take medics like he is.

Perhaps because I was the eldest in the family,

no matter what path I choose, my brothers are still choices of doctors in the family.

So there I ended up taking Petroleum Geoscience and great enough I am loving it.

Maybe I will be jobless if hydrocarbon runs out but I love rocks & minerals. lol

Back to main story.

So my brother got fed up and pissed with everyone asking him to take medics.

He just applied forcefully and said if he got the interview he will talk crap.

I am not sure now whether getting an interview for scholarship is something good or bad.

He said my Mum is going to throw him a party because he unbelievably got straight A's.

My result was better though I almost died during SPM but I didn't get a party. wtf

Trust me, I had the most tragic SPM ever and ever.

Now, imagine if my 2nd brother do not end up as a doctor.

Imagine the pressure on my youngest brother.

When I got my results, I was like the happiest person ever.

Until I got my scholarship and entered Uni, I still am happy.

Though my Uni has among the craziest study geeks,

everyone studies like hell cause even private students need to meet the requirements.

I just hope the best for my brother.

The interview is still up to him.

It would be nice to have a doctor in the family, since young I wanted to be a doctor,

but it was until my Mum got sick and my medical check up,

did I realized I feel nausea whenever it comes to blood and needles.

I only got my blood tested twice my whole life,

and never dared to even look at people donating blood, it is that bad.

p/s : kuching wild kid, tell me what you want to do cause I don't have any idea.

which makes me think medics is not a bad choice for you.

My favourite surfing spot

I am quite an addict of the internet.
My family started of with a dial up modem, then changed to Streamyx.
And now we are using wireless at home since we have 2 laptops and a desktop.

After I entered Uni,
I spent most of my time using wireless.
However, the signal was initially so weak.
So most of us prefer to surf in the library,
or since the library is freezing cold, some prefer being outside of the library.
As shown in the picture below.

photo credits to Michelle Lee

During those days,
the wireless signal was only strong in that area in which we call the Undercroft.
So even if it's miles away,
we did sacrificed for the internet.
And it was a great spot for DotA :)

After quite sometime,
we found out the usage of LAN wires in our room.
We asked for the configuration from the seniors and walla!
The speed is of course was faster using LAN cables.
Except that some sides are being blocked by the management,
which we have no problem accessing using a software called u95,
now we spend our time surfing 24/7 (at least for me) in our room!

10 reasons how my room is my favourite surfing spot :

1. I start and end my day by surfing

2. I eat and drink while surfing

3. I can study while surfing :D

4. I have a nice view ahead of me while surfing

5. I get to do my research in my room

6. I save time walking to the library

7. I can watch streaming movies or Youtube in my room

8. I get to download songs and blast them without complains

9. While waiting for the videos to load, I can visit my friends' rooms

10. I can go to the toilet anytime without fearing my laptop will be stolen :P

Happy surfing!! :D

Presenting Portable Modem Wiggy by P1 W1Max,
even better than my Uni wireless or LAN cable.
Faster and convenient.
Can go online anywhere but still on high speed :)

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by
Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It takes 2 to Tango

I read this news on The Star online : Neo plans flick over his fling with model.

Yes indeed, the news of Jack Neo,
the famous Singaporean director & actor had been going around for a while.
I had been also reading a post from Dead Cockroach .

While Jack Neo is in fact a fool to destroy his own marriage and family,
and begging for forgiveness from his family,
I don't find a reason that mistress of his deserves the apology.

It is true that he started the whole misery by sending her a message,
but obviously she had a devil in herself.

Let me summarize my point with a true story.


Few years back, I was actively involved in open chat room.
Where people all over the world get to chat openly.
Of course my intention was only to find friends.
I never believe in internet love or distance relationships,
though a relative of mine found her husband thousand miles away online.

I was chatting with many international guys and girls,
just sharing interest such as my love for dancing and information of our countries.
Then there was this Malaysian man.
Of course I was excited cause at last I found a Malaysian.

At first we were only chatting through the open chat room,
but since we were both Malaysians,
we figured it will be easier chatting through msn or ym.

So we exchanged msn accounts.
That was when I found out he is a handsome guy in his early 30's.
He is also married with 2 young children.
However, his job requires him to travel a lot and frequently leaving his family.

I thought it was fine being friends with him.
It went on for a week,
that I asked him about his job, his family,
while he asked me bout my studies and stuffs like that.

It was after that week,
he asked me whether I was willing to be his girlfriend,
in other words, his mistress.

Of course I was very shocked.
Cause I heard of many family affairs but I never thought it will happen to me,
me trying to break a family.

And I figured all the consequences.
What if he is rich and handsome?
It still don't make sense cause I will be destroying a family,
and what will happen to his children?

Then I can imagine all those tears on his wife if she found out about him.
And how his young children will suffer.
I said no to him, I can't bear the burden of others suffering because of me.

I was also sure I deserve something better,
I deserve finding my own happiness as he has found his.
I was lucky things were not serious.
He said he understood why I rejected him.

After that, I was afraid history will be repeated.
So we lost contact, I changed my number.
Until now, I do hope he is still faithful to his family,
and respects him wife.
I hope no girls out there will be tricked by him.


I am very sure all mistress(es) out there had a choice,
even though it is dead or alive, heaven or hell,
it is still a choice.
Choose wisely before it is too late.
It is not something to honor having handsome & rich boyfriends,
when you are ruining the happiness of others.


It is true,
it takes two to Tango.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

curse you!

my cursing skill just improved.

I woke up with "wth" and "wtf".

fml *shows middle finger*



sweet escape to Penang.

bye peps.

see you after 3 days.

Friday, March 12, 2010

the end of the beginning

Sometimes I just tear when I know how short can my life be.

Just that thought is enough for me to feel hopeless.

I wonder whether I can enjoy life after braces cause I need another year.

I wonder whether I can graduate cause I need another 3 years.

I wonder whether I get to marry the guy I love and spend my life with him.

I wonder whether I will be pregnant and experience the joy of having children.

I wonder whether I get to see my children grow.

But some people hate tears, that is when I wish I will never cry again.

I tried but it was just too much to handle, the pain.

I wish someone would understand, but none did.

I am treated as if I can live forever.

Instead, I want to be treated like tomorrow will be my last day.

Cause I am not healthy girl you saw yesterday.

When you kissed me, do you ever wish you will see me again tomorrow?

When we hope for the best for others, we just tend to neglect ourselves.

I hate being sick. I hate crying because I am the unlucky one.

You knew but why are you trying to pretend?

I don't want to live forever, I just want to end what I started.

brings you hell

temporal nightmare just ended. thank God.
4 days of consecutive 5 tests including 1 lab test just blew my mind.
i am still-looking-for-it-now (read :out-of-my-mind) wtf.
all my tests were worst than sitting for final exam.
at least you get study week and need not to attend lecture during final.
so all of us were having sleep deprive the whole week.
for example me, not sleeping more than 5 hours any day of the week.
the chocking news is i slept 2 hours before my test,
and found of i missed out the last page,
cause i didn't know the last page exists wtf!
so i was disappointed and upset max.
i memorized all my points,
and when i found out at the last second that i missed the last question,
i panicked, plus the lecturer was standing beside me asking for my paper,
i blanked out and wrote nothing fml.
so say adios to 20 precious marks.
and i was so near to score well i memorized all facts wtfmcdwthfmlkfc!!
but now okay already but still, damn.
time to get more sleep.
going Penang tomorrow.
plan to go swimming later but i lack of sleep can, no energy.
2 assignments due right after holiday ends fml.
my cursing skills increasing,
look how exciting my life can be wtf.
congrats to my brother (ya, he is bullshitter) who got straight A's in SPM.
bro getting a dslr OR an electric guitar.
that's what my Dad told me. not fair.
f**cking 12 people got straight A's in my school this time can.
but the A- standard is actually B is guess.
cause Petronas requirement is now 9As,
means only the 10th non compulsory subject can be a 'B' lol.
last time you can have a 'B' buahhahaha...
standard dropped, now 'A-' is last time's 'B'.
*pujuk diri or reality??*

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

pig vs koala vs sloth vs bat

Omfg, I'm so happy though I just ended my FIRST test.
My freaking first test for the semester.
4 more tests to go in 3 more days.
Just can't wait till mid semester break next week.
I'm going to Penang, yeayyy!!
Life so far had been so miserable.
I got sickly sick, as in real sick that I NEED to skip lectures.
I didn't get any sick leaves cause I have my own medications.
Bla bla bla....actually it's gastritis la.
Now I am so lazy to study for my next, next, next and next tests.
Freaking 8 chapters, 11 chapters kay....
Like, really torturous. Hmmph...
But then today I am happy cause I didn't study so hard,
so if my result sucks then it's ok la wtf
No deep frustrations, high expectations and stuffs like that.
That's why sometimes I just don't bother studying.
If people can die studying,
like high pressure in the brain and suicidal like that,
then better I don't torture myself right...
And I am like a pig lately,
actually why pig??
I thought sloth, bats or koala sleep more?? wtf
I had been sleeping almost 24 hours a day,
terrible migraine due to my gastritis.
Tonight having group study.
It may not be so effective cause it will be at the cafe,
but then better than my freaking hot room.
screw the weather-screw the tests.
okay, lousy acronym wtf.
The weather had been making me so moody,
making me sickly sickly sick (note that this time double sickly wtf)
I got no mood to do anything,
even sleeping I will be sweating like pig,
why pig again?? wtf
And my room now like rubbish dump cause no time to tidy.
Cannot take picture cause you may get blind wtf
Sometimes even no time to bath, no time to eat.
Ya la ya la, that's why my gastritis strikes.
The available time is all used to sleep, and online wtf
I admit my time management sucks max.
Taking a short nap XD

below is just random:

The amazing fashion icon

"I can't live without high heels and fake lashes."
Lady Gaga

Friday, March 5, 2010

Google love

Just got back from Geoscience & Petroleum Engineering Week dinner.

Will blog bout that in a separated post.

I have a quiz to study, an assignment to complete and follow up reading to do.

On the other hand, Google homepage looks so pretty today

Me love :D