Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No sweat!

It would be a very awful sight to have sweat patches beneath your underarms.

Walking under hot sunny days is a big challenge.

Plus if you are wearing some thick formal blouse or shirts, with your blazers on.

You won't want to arrive at your classroom or office with semi translucent back,

or patches on the underarms.

I dislike people with sweaty smell, especially my brothers after they play basketball.

Every time they arrive home, the whole house would smell of rotten eggs.

My boyfriend plays futsal everyday and sweat is of course something common,

but when we take dinner together right after his game,

I do feel uncomfortable with all the sweaty smell.

This is the time when you need anti-perspirant.

Introducing Adidas Action 3 Fresh.

Most guys even some girls dislike roll on anti-perspirant,

roll on anti-perspirant are usually less effective and quite tideous.

This Adidas Action 3 Fresh anti-perspirant spray is just something perfect.

Not only it prevent sweat,

you can spray it on just like a perfume because it is also an anti-odour.

Some anti-perspirant leaves white marks or create whitening effects,

but fear not!

Adidas Action 3 Fresh anti-perspirant spray is anti-whitening and anti-trace!

It will work just fine even when your wearing your million dollar shirt.

The active absorbent complex also helps to absorbs extra wetness

and keeps you fresh up to 24 hours.

Wait no more!

Grab your Adidas Action 3 Fresh anti-perspirant spray,

it is now available in selected pharmacies and most supermarkets.


On the other hand, auditions for Project Alpha Season 3 is now on!

Bloggers out there, this is your chance to get famous.


Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Auditions are now open!

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