Friday, March 12, 2010

brings you hell

temporal nightmare just ended. thank God.
4 days of consecutive 5 tests including 1 lab test just blew my mind.
i am still-looking-for-it-now (read :out-of-my-mind) wtf.
all my tests were worst than sitting for final exam.
at least you get study week and need not to attend lecture during final.
so all of us were having sleep deprive the whole week.
for example me, not sleeping more than 5 hours any day of the week.
the chocking news is i slept 2 hours before my test,
and found of i missed out the last page,
cause i didn't know the last page exists wtf!
so i was disappointed and upset max.
i memorized all my points,
and when i found out at the last second that i missed the last question,
i panicked, plus the lecturer was standing beside me asking for my paper,
i blanked out and wrote nothing fml.
so say adios to 20 precious marks.
and i was so near to score well i memorized all facts wtfmcdwthfmlkfc!!
but now okay already but still, damn.
time to get more sleep.
going Penang tomorrow.
plan to go swimming later but i lack of sleep can, no energy.
2 assignments due right after holiday ends fml.
my cursing skills increasing,
look how exciting my life can be wtf.
congrats to my brother (ya, he is bullshitter) who got straight A's in SPM.
bro getting a dslr OR an electric guitar.
that's what my Dad told me. not fair.
f**cking 12 people got straight A's in my school this time can.
but the A- standard is actually B is guess.
cause Petronas requirement is now 9As,
means only the 10th non compulsory subject can be a 'B' lol.
last time you can have a 'B' buahhahaha...
standard dropped, now 'A-' is last time's 'B'.
*pujuk diri or reality??*


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kenwooi said...

reminds me of all american reject gives you hell =D

Supia Chao said...

I think A resemble A1 and A- is A2.

But nowadays everyone is having busy and hectic life. But think of the holiday ahead.. it will give you so hope.