Monday, March 22, 2010

no reason to live

This is what my brother posted up as his recent Facebook status:

"just can't find a reason to continue living."

And I had been figuring out the same thing since primary school,

that was 10 (ten wtf) years ago.

I finally found the reason why I am still living until today,

though there was once we quarreled and I told my parents that I would rather die.

The reason I survived until today is because I am still looking for the reason.

I figured that there must be a reason,

I grew to get closer to God and to find out the reason He placed me on Earth.

I told my brother that I still don't find the reason as well since 10 years ago,

and that's why I am still living to find it.

I know my brother is totally stressed up by this whole forced-to-take-medic drama,

life can't be much worst when I was forced to stop dancing,

and got slapped by my Mum.

Yea, I am born in a very strict family.

I have 2 other siblings.

We all excel in our studies though we are at most lazy,

but usually being forced to study.

Until I came to Uni then I realized I am doing it for myself,

so now I do everything without being forced by my parents.

Most of the time I get totally stressed out is because I force myself.

When you lose hope and figure there is no reason to live,

keep yourself alive cause you need to find that reason.


kenwooi said...

there is always a reason to live, we just have to keep discovering =)

Anonymous said...

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ohmywtf said...

i really hope ur bro can decide for himself. I quit medicine after 2 years.....was forced to pursue it by my parents too. :-(