Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good luck bullshitter

As mentioned in an earlier post, brings you hell, my brother got straight A's in his SPM.

And now he is being forced to take Medics.

I know many students out there are most probably being force by their parents,

not only parents, but brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents,

practically everyone to do something they wish you would do.

So my brother loves agriculture (what I last known) but he got straight A's,

and everyone thought it would be a waste to take something not up to standard.

Every day and night people around him kept talking about medics.

Today is the last day of JPA overseas application for SPM leavers,

and he was forced to apply for JPA medics.

Now, I got a better result than him but it's not something to be proud of. wtf

I was not forced to take medics like he is.

Perhaps because I was the eldest in the family,

no matter what path I choose, my brothers are still choices of doctors in the family.

So there I ended up taking Petroleum Geoscience and great enough I am loving it.

Maybe I will be jobless if hydrocarbon runs out but I love rocks & minerals. lol

Back to main story.

So my brother got fed up and pissed with everyone asking him to take medics.

He just applied forcefully and said if he got the interview he will talk crap.

I am not sure now whether getting an interview for scholarship is something good or bad.

He said my Mum is going to throw him a party because he unbelievably got straight A's.

My result was better though I almost died during SPM but I didn't get a party. wtf

Trust me, I had the most tragic SPM ever and ever.

Now, imagine if my 2nd brother do not end up as a doctor.

Imagine the pressure on my youngest brother.

When I got my results, I was like the happiest person ever.

Until I got my scholarship and entered Uni, I still am happy.

Though my Uni has among the craziest study geeks,

everyone studies like hell cause even private students need to meet the requirements.

I just hope the best for my brother.

The interview is still up to him.

It would be nice to have a doctor in the family, since young I wanted to be a doctor,

but it was until my Mum got sick and my medical check up,

did I realized I feel nausea whenever it comes to blood and needles.

I only got my blood tested twice my whole life,

and never dared to even look at people donating blood, it is that bad.

p/s : kuching wild kid, tell me what you want to do cause I don't have any idea.

which makes me think medics is not a bad choice for you.

4 comments: said...

u get scholarship from? good luc to ur bro! i am applying jpa this year too...

kenwooi said...

luckily i wasnt forced to study courses that i dont like.. i had my own choice =D

Anonymous said...

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MayLin :: Melinda said... : I'm under Petronas :)

kenwooi : great for you. I'm feeling lucky for myself. hopefully my brother gets to make his own choice as well.