Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can't wait for Christmas!

Christmas is coming!

I can't wait!

For those who don't know,

that's SHINee, Korean boy band. :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

rare updates?

Sunday will be my last paper for this semester!!

Then I am off for 2 months holidays.

Well, self declared cause my Uni so stupid.

Semester starts a week before Chinese New Year,

how can I go back and forth within a week,

I am not some millionaire daughter.

Going KL for 2 nights, Sunway, Pavillion and lots of eating with the babes.

Before that, going to the dentist on Saturday.

Last check up for this year.

I wish to remove my braces before the 2 months holiday, can?

*shows puss in boots eyes*

Next semester schedule damn packed, 18 credit hours,

with shortened semester after the new structure is announced.

Luckily I rejected all the offer of events,

barely caught my breath this semester.

I won't wanna get through something similar again, torturous.

Actually got a plan for next year.

I need a wardrobe makeover, next to makeover my hair.

My hair is super long, straight and black right now, like damn dull.

But a student is a student.

Perhaps Mum is right, I can do all those when I earn my own money.

Another 2.5 years till graduation, aiming high. *curse final exams*

Sometimes I just don't get how everything I studied for fcuking 4-5 months,

and the result is decided in fcuking 2-3 hours, like wth.

Planning to take a job during my holiday, who wanna employ me?

In Kuching only plsss..

Or else, taking back all dance lessons I missed, getting my first facial,

pamper myself with manicure, body scrub perhaps and etc.

I will update on my blog more frequently after my final exam.

And updates on my holidays!! I can't wait!

So sorry for the rare updates, but stay tuned!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

my 1st mobile post- im sick!

something in me must had went wrong lately. i have thing thing growing at my right eye, it is not going away though i am now sleeping at least 8 hours and at most 13 hours. i am not sure whether it is getting bigger but it is getting obvious because myleft eye is losing the eye bag already. then come my tight chest, is it a symptom of asthma? i feel that i cannot take in enough oxygen for my body. i will feel some ringging in my head before it goes blank. i didn't actually passed out but in that split second i just felt empty. i feel that my rib cage cannot expand big enough for my lungs and heart. or is it my lungs and heart that are too weak to pump? i have low blood pressure, going below what i am having now is dangerous. i better check. again, i have gastritis very easily because of my absolute fast digestion. which is the reason i remained thin despite the food load. so this gastritis is not severe but now i have mild diarrhea every morning. and whenever i take my meals too late, i will have diarrhea too. i am that weird. now i need to take care and complain less. oh well.. btw, i am typing this from my mobile in bed. so pls ignore the whole essay thing cause the enter key don't seemed to work. now back to my studies! if that why i am sick lately? over stressed? wait, go shower first, forgotten i just woke up :D

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Went terribly wrong

(click for enlarge view)

my brother's desktop image.

yes, he is a Dota freak.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sorry brain

Doing all these lab reports are far more tortourous than final exam.
Annoyed that everything is exam based in high school?
Be grateful while you still have it.
50% coursework...or 100% coursework subjects are killing me.
With all those research required,
you will definately use up more time than you used to study for your final papers.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Those people studying microfossils must have super duper high patience.

Dealing with those minute and dead stuffs.

Not that I am not interested but it is making me kinda dizzy.

For a start, this is our task:

We were given sand samples,
mostly for islands around Sabah.

In this sand samples, there are microfossils.

So we need to sort out and identify them.

We were suposed to use the microscope but
then due to our tight schedule,

and time constraint to submit our lab report,
I used my naked eyes.

I am that cool cause I have no sight defect at all. *touchwood*

Initially I pour my sample on a piece of white paper,

but then the paper was blown by the wind
and the sample flew all over my desk.

So I wanted something with border.

I eyed on my Tupperware container.

Means I practically poured sand on top of my container
with my biscuits still in it.

And I need to place the samples in the

glass slides meant for microfossils.

This is like crazy tasks.

Last semester we were asked to take rock samples

as huge as possibe to get more accuracy,

and now we are dealing with dead organisms less than 2mm size.

Great news is, due dates for my reports are postponed to next week,

but I will be back in Sarawak for study week!

Which means if I am not done with them tomorrow

(101% confirm cannot complete)

I have to mail my assignments and reports over from Sarawak

to the bf or a friend staying in Uni during study week. *phew!*

Only 2 tests tomorrow and I will be back!

Flight on Friday night, I can't wait!

Wish me luck for my last test!! :)