Thursday, November 11, 2010

my 1st mobile post- im sick!

something in me must had went wrong lately. i have thing thing growing at my right eye, it is not going away though i am now sleeping at least 8 hours and at most 13 hours. i am not sure whether it is getting bigger but it is getting obvious because myleft eye is losing the eye bag already. then come my tight chest, is it a symptom of asthma? i feel that i cannot take in enough oxygen for my body. i will feel some ringging in my head before it goes blank. i didn't actually passed out but in that split second i just felt empty. i feel that my rib cage cannot expand big enough for my lungs and heart. or is it my lungs and heart that are too weak to pump? i have low blood pressure, going below what i am having now is dangerous. i better check. again, i have gastritis very easily because of my absolute fast digestion. which is the reason i remained thin despite the food load. so this gastritis is not severe but now i have mild diarrhea every morning. and whenever i take my meals too late, i will have diarrhea too. i am that weird. now i need to take care and complain less. oh well.. btw, i am typing this from my mobile in bed. so pls ignore the whole essay thing cause the enter key don't seemed to work. now back to my studies! if that why i am sick lately? over stressed? wait, go shower first, forgotten i just woke up :D

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Clare Marie Sia said...

take care of ur health roomie.... eat more!! hahaha..