Monday, December 13, 2010

Herbaline facial promotion!!

Ok must show camwhore pic first so long didn't camwhore.

So squicky clean skin already....why? how?

Believe it or not, I am over 20 years old and I just did my first facial treatment.

Not that surprising?

Well what surprised me was that most guys in my Uni did facial way earlier than me.

Since this was my first facial, I wanted it to be a good or better, great impression.

I wouldn't want to stop doing facial here if suddenly many pimples *touchwood*

So my Mum introduced me to Herbaline, cause she saw the advertisement in the paper.

The beauticians there are so sweet, they helpfully answered all of our inquiries.

So my Mum left me for my facial, and she went shopping spree.

though we just bought sandal & blouse at Momoe *roll eyes* girls

It was my first time so I felt damn clumpsy, like what should I do wtf

I entered a wonderland dim room with soothing music.

Got free fish therapy as well.

The beautician asked me to change to a comfortable pair of bedroom slippers.

She brought me to these sinks on the floor wtf

I dip my feet into the warm water plus salt for feet spa,

she gave me a scrub and ask me to scrub myself wtf.

So I scrubbed for 5 mins until my arms got tired

After going to the wash room, I went for mini aroma therapy.

Sniff in the Lavender wap but maybe I was nervous so didn't feel much difference lol

Then she brought me upstairs to the therapy room.

In every room, there are lockers damn cute one wtf

She asked me wear the sarong and use the cap.

The sarong also damn cute look like long skirt or dress wtf why I so "sakai"

I lie down on the bed and she washed my face using the cleanser.

After that do wap. Okay I explain fast cause this part I was almost asleep.

After wap she cleaned my face again I think,

you know where they wipe using cotton pads feel so nice wtf

Then come the scary part, extraction!! the horror the horror wtf

First she used some machine which got lil electric shock and ultrasound thingy,

I think to bring the black and white heads to the surface.

The ultrasound made me superb dizzy, like ringing in the ear.

Then come the part she used all kinda tools to push the whatever heads wtf out

I felt like needles poking my face non stop.

And when it came to my nose ok my nose superb sensitive if touched I'll sneeze

I cried and cried and cried and infinity cried,

till the cotton on my eyes cannot hold any more tears.

I grabbed my sarong so tight like wtf help!!!

When she was finally done I was shivering.

Ya, my pain tolerance that low that's why needle scare the shit out of me

But finally the pain was over and relaxation takes place wtf

She cleaned my face and applied aloe vera mask cause my skin too dry.

She left me and asked me to relax but I was so traumatized my brain froze.

So I bought Herbaline blackhead removal cream intro by the beautician,

cause she said my pain tolerance very low cannot always go do facial wtf

Until I reached home I was unable to think wisely clearly.

If you wondered why so many wtf, is because I'm still in trauma.

But now my face smoother and no blackhead already,

first time really scary cause all whatever heads too many and too matured already.

No pictures, sorry cause my brain froze throughout the process so next time la ya...

Give you the logo only ok. wtf

For those who would wanna try, Herbaline having promotion now,

RM38 oily to normal skin.

If you have dry skin like me, top up RM5 for different mask.

Normal price is starting at RM79!!

Herbaline in Kuching is situated at Precint88, near Starbucks Jalan Song.

This is not an advertorial,

I just feel that it is worth a try so I'm sharing the good news!

I am a fairly satisfied customer.

The beautician said the promotion last till this year end or so.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Sorry for the title.

I am pissed cause I can't find a suitable one. *blogger phail*

My blog is boring... T____T *yawns*

Reason why I seldom blog?

I kept waking up late for no reason.

I just want to stay in bed longer.

I sleep late.

I hang out with friends till 2AM.

Then I go to bed straight but I watch movie till 4AM.

When I am free, I watch more movie.

I update myself with youtube, tumblr, facebook, twitter.

I got no money *make puss in boots eyes* so I go window shopping.

My life is that amazing. haha.

*slaps self* I should really join some classes during these 2 months.

Where to go yoga, dancing, languages, self defense, swimming?

*roll eyes* Oh shit, I must learn swimming!

Tomorrow must go find ear plugs.

My ear shape traps water *muka lazy to explain why & how*

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kpop love

Merry Christmas with SHINee

I think my sickness for SHINee is getting worst during this holidays.

I got nothing else to do but to get myself updated by Kpop.

My blog is gonna be filled up with SHINee and it's gonna be so boring.

Those who don't like Kpop, can go click the "x" button on top right corner now.

Those who enjoy Kpop,

don't forget to vote here: !

Support SHINee :P

Monday, December 6, 2010


So here is a short post on my 2 nights trip in KL
before my flight back to Kuching.

Our main aim was to try out some highly recommended food
and spend a day at Sunway Lagoon.

Upon touchdown in KL, we went to Pavilion.

And spent 10 hours at Pavilion. Haha.

Of course the 3 hours was spent on a movie at GSC,
watched Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows 1, like, finally!

We had been holding ourselves back just to watch it in KL.

We even watched Rapunzel first in Ipoh just to cover our movies cravings.


Our first stop after grabbing our movie tickets in Madam Kwan's!

Before food, must camwhore. :) Wan Lin & Sook Harn. I just realized those 2 above both have shoulder
while me & Isabel both have long hair. lol

The recommended Nasi Lemak

Nasi Bajora (not sure whether it's right, sounds something like that)

Bubu Cha cha (among the best so far)

Ok, this one I forgotten the name (blogger phailed)
Should be some Asam Laksa. Thick coconut milk taste.

Rate : 4/5


Before the movie, we had The Loaf, s
neaked in a few pastries and puffs.


After Harry Potter,
we went for Carl's Junior (Jr.).

Not sure what is recommended so we just ordered anything which sounds nice.

That's us, as always. Lots of prickles, salsa and sauces.

Burgers are huge but yeah! I managed to finish mine.
I must be very hungry.

Rate : 3.5/5


After Carl's Junior we took a walk to see the Christmas tree.

And sent Clare off cause she's staying with her friend in a hotel.



We packed Subway for breakfast cause the buy 1 free 1 coupons gonna due soon.

This is like the 3rd or 4th time eating subway, still yummy as always.


Last day in KL we spent our whole day at Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Pyramid.



We went for all parks so we practically went for everything
except the wild animal some zoo alike thing I guess.
We are tired of Zoos, like everywhere we go it's Zoo Zoo Zoooooo, so yeah.

Some of us chickened out, weak hearts, can't force that.

I declined riding some, ride them the last time,
with low blood pressure, I may just faint during the ride.

We even went for the scream park and extreme park.

Scream park was not as fun, cause the ghost can't touch you.
I understand the logic but I went for one
before where the ghost can touch you. Spooky but nice! haha

Extreme park was fun.
At last I get to try Kayaking, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and flying fox.
Yeah, I am that "sakai"...


After the Lagoon, we hang out at Pyramid while choosing a place to dine.

Wanted to go Chilies but apparently Chilies in Pyramid closed down.

So we went for Italiannies.

And coincidently there is Raymond Lam appearance in an hour time.

So we dine while waiting for his arrival
(not a huge fan but this is like the third time we
don't intend to watch the artists but we just happen to be there)

Pardon me cause I don't remember any of the Italian name of the cuisine.

The appetizers....

Ginger wasabi bread with Olive oil and vinegar (i think).

Tomato soup (forgotten the Italian name)

Chicken pasta soup

Bread with tomatoes


The main course...

Cream pasta

Bolognese pasta

Cream rice?? (I seriously don't remember the name)

Penne di bosco, this one I remember cause I ordered it :)

Rate : 4/5


Lots more in our list for KL delicacies but we have limited time,
and limited tummy space. haha

That's all for now!
Stayed tuned for more of my holidays posts!!

Photos credits to Isabel.

wise girl says?

It had been a long time since I post something decent in my blog so here goes my first post since my holidays officially started. Well actually I am doing this post while waiting for some Youtube videos on SHINee to load, I have this sudden celebrity crush on them. I even dream about them last night. About my KL trip before I flew back to Kuching, that should make the next post once I grabbed the photos from my friend.

rrmm, this post is kinda girly and especially dedicated to the girls. So guys who are not interested, you can stop reading here and go play some games, watch movies or anything. But if you wanna know more about girls, maybe your gf is upset or your relationship is not going well, you have nothing else better to do, then read on.

I am not sure whether all or at least most of the girls out there feels the same. If you read this and you feel the same, please leave comments. I found that I fall in love easily, not deeply in love but having crushes which changes rapidly. And that is why I hate guys who care for me. I am not sure whether they are flirting because it is hard to detect but mature girls know that these days it is really difficult to find guys who care without wanting anything in return.

This is my part of the story. It had been really long time since I had crushes because being trapped in the middle of the jungle makes me practically like in a jail, I don't meet new people. I see the same faces and take to the same people everything, even everything I do is so boring, they are like routines. After so long I went out, hang out and meet people. When this guy is really attractive, have the looks, the warm heart, sweet talks, have money (girls please don't deny this I swear you won't wanna marry a good looking guy who sleeps under the bridge) I had a crush on him cause he seemed to perfect. Too perfect to be true indeed cause all I heard about him is he is a playboy. No wonder when people asked why is he single, he said he is not ready for a serious relationship.

I know not all girls want serious relationship, some are not committed as well. Commitment is now no longer a guys' problem. The thing is this guy is really caring and he can really melts girls' hearts just by using up some saliva. There are girls who respond back to these guys, of course strong ones hold on to it and weaker ones tear over broken hearts. Trying to help ourselves and prevent from being hurt, of course some of we girls try to avoid these guys. That is when the situation turns awkward because neither of the parties did anything wrong.

Love is weird sometimes. When we wished for someone perfect but when you get to know someone almost perfect, (of course no one is perfect) you just want to avoid them. Thinking like they deserves someone better, they won't be falling for someone like you, or you just wait (and that waiting may take forever). Despite any of those imaginations, love always have it's way. I have crushes here and there, some I think back and laugh at, some I recall and my heart skip a beat. For me, if you are fated to be together, you will, despite all the silly challenges you faced.

And no, I am not that wise girl.
It is just opinion wise :)