Monday, December 6, 2010

wise girl says?

It had been a long time since I post something decent in my blog so here goes my first post since my holidays officially started. Well actually I am doing this post while waiting for some Youtube videos on SHINee to load, I have this sudden celebrity crush on them. I even dream about them last night. About my KL trip before I flew back to Kuching, that should make the next post once I grabbed the photos from my friend.

rrmm, this post is kinda girly and especially dedicated to the girls. So guys who are not interested, you can stop reading here and go play some games, watch movies or anything. But if you wanna know more about girls, maybe your gf is upset or your relationship is not going well, you have nothing else better to do, then read on.

I am not sure whether all or at least most of the girls out there feels the same. If you read this and you feel the same, please leave comments. I found that I fall in love easily, not deeply in love but having crushes which changes rapidly. And that is why I hate guys who care for me. I am not sure whether they are flirting because it is hard to detect but mature girls know that these days it is really difficult to find guys who care without wanting anything in return.

This is my part of the story. It had been really long time since I had crushes because being trapped in the middle of the jungle makes me practically like in a jail, I don't meet new people. I see the same faces and take to the same people everything, even everything I do is so boring, they are like routines. After so long I went out, hang out and meet people. When this guy is really attractive, have the looks, the warm heart, sweet talks, have money (girls please don't deny this I swear you won't wanna marry a good looking guy who sleeps under the bridge) I had a crush on him cause he seemed to perfect. Too perfect to be true indeed cause all I heard about him is he is a playboy. No wonder when people asked why is he single, he said he is not ready for a serious relationship.

I know not all girls want serious relationship, some are not committed as well. Commitment is now no longer a guys' problem. The thing is this guy is really caring and he can really melts girls' hearts just by using up some saliva. There are girls who respond back to these guys, of course strong ones hold on to it and weaker ones tear over broken hearts. Trying to help ourselves and prevent from being hurt, of course some of we girls try to avoid these guys. That is when the situation turns awkward because neither of the parties did anything wrong.

Love is weird sometimes. When we wished for someone perfect but when you get to know someone almost perfect, (of course no one is perfect) you just want to avoid them. Thinking like they deserves someone better, they won't be falling for someone like you, or you just wait (and that waiting may take forever). Despite any of those imaginations, love always have it's way. I have crushes here and there, some I think back and laugh at, some I recall and my heart skip a beat. For me, if you are fated to be together, you will, despite all the silly challenges you faced.

And no, I am not that wise girl.
It is just opinion wise :)

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