Saturday, January 30, 2010

Opening of Hearts4Fashion

Orite! Now I am making it official.

Announcing the opening of my blogshop!!

Japan, Korean & Taiwan fashion at reasonable price.

However, clothes will only arrive after Chinese New Year.

Since I am still new at this, I am taking things slow.

Please support!



the story of the restricted fruit

Password protected post.
(key: single word, heart) This is easy girls.

If you cannot get it, email/comment me for permission.

Whoever gets to read it please comment,
I wanna know who are smart enough for the wild guess. :D

Post with be revealed only when bf knows about it XD

Thursday, January 28, 2010

why good boys make bad boyfriends

This post is linked to my previous post

and Cleo August 2008 just gave me the idea!

I guess most of the guys do not read Cleo magazine,

so here I am exposing among the greatest mystery of life to you!

1. Hearts over mind

Bad boys are boys who do not play by the rules but they still respect the laws. They do not bother to respect those traditions or customs. Instead, they have their own mindset on how things should work. Girls find them attractive because bad boys follow their own desire to go against the rights. Bad boys flirts and gives out random kisses, leaving you head over heels in love with them. Good boys are not able to make you feel hopeless, abandoned and going on the relationship rides of miseries. The heart bursting happiness and heart aching loneliness. However, going on these rides is what makes bad boys the most unforgettable boyfriends and this is what created love tattoos in the hearts. If girls follow our mind, of course we would like to have a respectable good boyfriend. If we follow our heart, we just can't help falling in love with bad boys. When it comes to love, it is just hearts over mind.

2. Command and conquer

Good boys are famous for following orders. They follow orders from their girlfriends so easily that the relationship becomes deadly dull. Whereas bad boys, they create challenge to the girls. Making these challenges makes bad boys sexier than the way-too-easy good boys. Bad boys do not force girls emotionally and physically. Usually do not demand being loved because we girls just willingly submit to them. On sex, bad boys have healthy appetite for porn and without doubt are great in beds. In contrast, good boys are clumsy and way too innocent.

3. Right and wrong

Good boys will never forget your birthdays, your anniversaries, special dates and to treat you a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day. They talk to you about children, finance, family, career and that what makes good guys usually accompany girls till death. Bad boys do remember all those important dates but they are not willing to buy you flowers and talking about children is a big no-no. Bad boys spend like there is no tomorrow. Now it is more obvious why good boys always get the girls at the end line.


Bad boys do make better boyfriends,
though it is difficult to admit,
good boys still male better husbands.
And not all bad boys remain bad forever.
Once they get rid of their rebel,
they may just turn into the responsible,
polite and respectful good boys.

post based on Cleo magazine August 2008.
slightly modified by the author.

in courtesy of love

It has been really long since I posted something in my dearest blog.

I had been busy with my studies,
just started my semester this week.

Had meetings for a few events I am taking part in.

Met lecturers who reminds me of my dearest Daddy.

They talk about those rocks,
crystals and those tools Daddy used to show me when I was younger.

Hope he get well soon, he is still on sick leave.

He must be waiting for my call everyday at home cause
whenever I call my Mum's mobile he will be the one answering. :D

I realized how much what I am studying is related to my life,
just like how doctors make their children doctors
(my dentist & orthodontist are father & son).

We are exposed to it since we were born.

Perhaps I will love what I am doing,
the field works and hours of lab.

Rather than the boring lectures.

I am still thinking whether I made the right choice.

Hopefully I will find out this semester.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

cause I'm leaving

"on a jet plane...

don't know when I'll be back again..."

Fine, I'm not leaving on a jet plane.

Just some ordinary Boeing whatever.

I'm done packing,

just in few hours.

Came back from my last dance class for now at 9pm.

Before that I had early family dinner at 5.30pm,

cause youngest bro had tuition at 6.30pm.

Parents asked why do I still go dance class,

when tomorrow is my flight.

I said it is just an hour,

then Dad said I am too active,

that's why I'm still thin though I ate alot like hungry donkey.

Not much to pack ,

forced my make up bag into my luggage,

forced my dance shoes in it too cause too precious cannot leave here wtf,

forced 2 other shoes in,

plan to bring other 3 heels when I come back for Chinese New Year,

after all only 3 weeks from now.

Still dreaming to make my dream come true go dance class in Ipoh la.

Okay, tired, go sleep now bye.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

where I've reach so far

For once I sort of learnt the true meaning of life, when you learn to be responsible and independent and all those moral values you memorized for SPM you thought you don't need it but suddenly they pop out in your life.

I will soon end my semester holiday of 2 months. This is my longest holiday ever oh wait after SPM was the longest ever wtf but it felt as if it is the shortest.

Since my holiday started 2 months ago, I have been taking Latin and Ballroom dance lesson (marked here). Dancing had always been my interest.

I performed in some Chinese & Bidayuh traditional dance oh I'm so proud I can dance both dances from both sides of my parents wtf. I tried break dancing but due to lack of strength and time constrain I quit training. I have never tried hip hop so maybe next time when there is chance but now I freakin love Latin.

So I followed the class for 2 months, 3 days a week, 4-5 hours a week. It is the only sport I am good at wtf. Sadly very very very very I don't get to dance freely and there is no such accommodation something like a floor for yoga provided. I want to take dance classes in Ipoh but then I got no transport who from UTP got car and go Ipoh every weeked can tumpangkan inform me ya cause I'm desperate wtf

During these 2 months also Mum got sick and Dad had cataract operation and Bro worked part time but he stupid cause I still need to send him wtf. So I need to bring my parents for treatment, checkups and take care of them at home. That is when I really feel I got so many responsibility.

My driving skills also increased drastically. I drive at least 30 minutes a day, everyday. Drove whole Kuching, until my village at Sematan.

My sleeping hours also distorted, early of my holidays I sleep from 3am to 4pm. Sometimes wake up halfway at 8am to send my annoying brother to work, I cannot sleep earlier than 12am cause I need to pick my brother. At the end after my Dad had cataract operation, I need to send my Dad for check up and pick my brother. So I wake up at 6am and sleep at 1am though so tired I never gave up dancing wtf.

I get to be make up artist (marked here) and a model for my cousin's make up exam. Though both without pay, I enjoyed doing something of my interest. I am not a make up freak, sometimes I just buy them as collection but seldom use them how am I going to carry back my make up bag to uni.

I am online very often my cousin's favourite line when he sees me online " ajak2 keja kau", but I do take my time to wash the clothes and cook. It is true people say that when you do something you like, time flies. I will be going back to UTP this Friday, dental appointment this Saturday. Lecture gonna start this Monday. how much more hectic can it be

Luckily my Aunt is coming from Sarikei today. I will be less worried leaving home. When I am doing all the work at home, it makes me worried. What happens when I get back to Uni? My bro is going to quit his job cause nobody will be sending him after I am off to Uni plus he haven't got his license. My Dad took 1 week sick leave, Mum drops by at home whenever she has free period from school.

Though all that, parents still being supportive of youngest bro involving in break dancing even when his class ends an hour or 2 before his tuition class starts. He has tuition for 4 days a week will be 5 days soon after my Mum found one for Biology.

I am feeling the burden and responsibility increasing, for myself and my family. I am now entering Year 1 semester 2. More credit hours and events this semester. Need to work harder. I have my faith in Him. :D

Saturday, January 16, 2010

mini update

Around last week we decided to have a dinner
with the UTPians from our batch in Kuching.

Coincidently these 5 guys (pictured below) from West Malaysia
had a trip to Sarawak so we made the dinner together with them.


A group photo.

A few was unable to make it because they went back to
Uni earlier for some events and some had other plans.

Though it rained quite heavily,
our first mini Kuching UTPians dinner was a success :)


Result was announced exactly at 12am yesterday.

For my third semester,
I was shocked for the third time.

Though I knew I can do better,
I never fail to surprise myself...
ever since UPSR, PMR and SPM.

Praise the Lord.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Am I crazy?

Last night before bed I kept comparing the exorcist that happened in
The Exorcist and Paranormal Activity.
I sleep alone,
even facing the 4 panels windows
(some Chinese said cannot do this but like Clare said,
we both don't have those kinds of pantang lor...).
When I can't sleep then I will start thinking of those horror movies
and start comparing them wtf
Maybe I siao (crazy in hokkien)already.
Most people will totally avoid thinking bout those and
start counting sheep or start singing to themselves.

So last night I start to imagine the 2 girls.
Do not scroll down it you can't handle scary images.

So I start comparing whether both girls have scratches on their faces,
whether both only show their eye pupil without the iris,
whether both do not feel any pain hurting themselves.

Conclusion is they practically have the same symptoms,
and what attracted me is only the different ways they hurt themselves.

In The Exorcist the girl hurt her wrist trying to free herself,
and somewhere down there when the demon became powerful.
However, the girl was saved.

In Paranormal Activity, the girl ate her own arm till the bones.
The demon made her eat her own arm.
She was not saved but killed cause the demon was too powerful.

Okay, I think I am crazy.
When I start imagining those stuffs in the middle of the night.

Monday, January 11, 2010

10 reasons why girls like bad boys

my version of : 10 reasons why girls like bad boys.

here I am writing based on opinions, views,

research and experience...

and based on some pillow talks with my girls :D

1. bad boys know how to treat a girl

Though bad boys are famous for being playboys, most of the time they understand girls more than any other guys. They may never love the girl, love may even be a prohibited word but they know how to treat girls well. They know the rules played by girls, that she means yes when she says no. Bad boys usually understand that most girls love flowers and chocolate.

2. bad boys have high sense of fashion

Though sometimes they dress up even more fashionable than the girls, girls feel confident going out with them. They are well dressed, neat and even smell good. Bad boys are very particular about fashion trends and to girls, this is actually something attractive. Who wouldn't want a guy to look cool and smart.

3. bad boys are good looking

Many said good looking guys are gay but I am not saying being gay is bad. I respect it that people get to make their own choice of living. For girls, finding out that a hot looking girl she totally adore is a gay is totally disappointing. This is unexplainable by me wtf. I don't get it as well why most bad boys are good looking. Sometimes it is disappointing that I look for good looking ones only to find them being bad boys.

4. bad boys are possessive

Possessive boys can be scary but then they protect you 24/7. Which girls don't like to feel secure all the time. Some bad boys are excessively loyal to their partner, which brings both good and bad. Good as in where can you find someone loyal with above 3 reasons, bad as in no matter you are married or not you don't have much freedom besides clinging on him. These possessive bad boys are also willing to spend any amount of money and time on the girls.

5. bad boys have high ego

Bad boys have so high ego that it can reach the sun and go pass it. This actually leads to reason number 4. Bad boys have so high fighting spirit like samurai they cannot stand seeing other bad boys with more branded clothes, more tattoo, more spiky hair, brighter dyed hair, better sports car and cuter girls. High ego causes these bad boys to be highly competitive and competitive guys are loved by girls. Which girls don't want the strongest guy wtf

6. bad boys like show off their girls

This is lead by reason number 5. Due to their oh-so-high ego, they compete who hook up the prettiest, hottest and sexiest girls as well. They meet in gang at the road side or at the club, drink beer and smoke while clinging onto their girls. Some girls like this kind of guys lor...I said some, not all. Being show off to other handsome bad boys perhaps make her feel proud wtf and make her got some feeling like my-bf-can-beat-your-bf.

7. bad boys can sweet talk

Getting back to point number 1. Bad boys know all the words used to persuade girls, all the words to stop the tears and all the words to win the heart. Trust me, they are that good that is why most bad boys never bother looking for girls cause girls come to them wtf

8. bad boys are superb in break dance & DotA

Extra skills or talents in boys do attract girls, trust me. They are additional point just like girls can cook, can dance, can sing and can blog wtf. Since break dance and DotA are now a days men's identity, so I guess to girls, guys who break dance and play DotA are more manly and attractive wtf

9. bad boys don't care what you do

The total opposite with good boys who teach you to do everything right and educating you in everything, bad boys don't care what you are doing wrongly. Bad boys are cool and happy go lucky type of guys who have everything they want and won't bother about anything else. Besides the possessive type of bad boys, other type just let you linger around as long as you do not interfere with his personal life. They are so confident in themselves so they just give you the cash and let you go on shopping spree.

10. bad boys are good in the game

Some girls just enjoy being in the game, the love game. Girls enjoyed being wooed and being asked for cellphone numbers and home address. Girls love waiting for calls though they knew these bad boys may or may not call. Bad boys are good at keeping girls waiting and girls like the wait.

mind you,

I mentioned girls, not ladies or women.

I did a few surveys and most ladies mentioned that they like bad boys,

but only for fun.

Bad boys are not good husbands or life partner.

I went through something similar,

kept wondering why I like bad boys more.

Then, the feeling just blew.

Maybe I was immatured,

maybe that is what happening to the girls. :D

Friday, January 8, 2010

The moment

I am writing in reply to

The conflict caused by the word "Allah" had been going on for weeks.

Yes, the above blogs are owned by my friends,

Christians and Muslim.

We are the future leaders and feel ashamed of what are going on now.

In your faithfulness,

in your holyness,

in your total believe,

you do not need to go extreme.

Cause then you no longer will be a believer in religions,

any religions,

but only an extremist without any faith.


It was well said that why only now this issue being brought up.

Christians had been using the word "Allah" perhaps decades ago.

Not only in Malaysia but Muslim country like Indonesia.

It has been used way before I was even baptized,

before I believed in Christ.


This is perhaps my own view,

but think about it.

"Allah" is a word which brings different meaning to Muslim and Christian.

With your faith,

believe in your own meaning of "Allah".

If your believe and faith are so deep,

then there should be no fear.


I've read a few status in Facebook regarding this matter.

"Forgive them Father for they know not what they have done."

"If you're that faithful, you don't have to go that far...."

"How do you know it was Muslims who burned the church?"

authors will not be disclosed and status are slightly modified for protection.


In fact, it is true.

How if it's not the Muslims who booomed the churches?

How if there are people who try to worsen the situation?

And now you start pointing fingers at one another?

How can anyone prove that Allah is used by Islam first?

How if Allah is first used in Christianity?


Keep to your own faith,

trust in your own God,

Believe in your own Allah.

We all use the word Malaysia.

Though we have different views on Malaysia,

different race,

different religion,

different language.

Why we never question the usage of Malaysia?


The younger generations are voicing out.

We just want peace.

Further reads : The Star Online

Disclaimer : above are all own opinions by the author
and is not related to anyone, dead or alive.

Lady in Red giveaway

This is the first time I'm joining this kind of contest online.

What attracted me is the word RED.

That is perhaps the reason I am writing this post :D

So here's the link to the organizer,

Afidah Arif : A piece of Remember


And below is my entry picture.

I have lots of picture of me in RED.

No other reason than I love RED.

Fine, you saw it from my blog itself.

But I chose this picture below cause I was RED,

from head to toe...

from shirt, pants to the roller blades.

Location : Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS basketball court

Time : Late at night, 11PM maybe :D

Since the contest in themed RED,

which caused me to go high-wire,

plus the prize comes from UK *grins*


RED is the theme for the organizer's bro's wedding.

And thus the theme for this contest.

Happy Wedding!!

Speaking bout RED,

I plan to dye my hair red.

Not this RED, this RED.

Awww!! :D

Monday, January 4, 2010

baby steps you say?


It has been long since I post pictures so here it is,

a post on part of my holiday.

As I promised the readers of Mua Shoppin' Bag,

I will show me wearing the contact lenses I just bought.

This is Geo Nudy Grey.
Photo taken before watching Avatar 3D.
Ignore the long lashes, I didn't know how to trim the fake lashes.

This is Geo in Black.
Taken before attending a wedding.
I was wearing Baju Kebaya :D


The following pictures will be on my stay at Kampung Pueh,
from 28th December 2009 to 3rd January 2010.
I've pre selected the pictures and did minor edits to some of them.
Not all photos taken are published due to time and energy constrain wtf

Mr. Smiley sitting under the Sunny sun wtf

Me and my cousin, Cal before attending the wedding.

Cousin and nephew tried to kidnap Winnie the Pooh wtf

I thought I looked like a doll.
I guess the contact lens and makeup worked...rite?

At the groom's house, I freaking love the design.
Designs fully done by his Dad himself.

The bride & the groom with the wedding cake.
The design of the pelamin was made based on Indonesian style.
Cause the groom's Mum is an Indonesian.

I only do minor touch up jobs :D
And some make ups for the brides maid.

Happy family.

Cake cutting ceremony.

The make up artist and the assistants wtf
We are not professionals but still learning.

I want a house made of quality wood and rattan like this.
Like a chalet, big land and beside the beach XD

A random shot of my earrings by my cousin

Me and my cousin cam whoring cause we were too bored.
We wanna go back but we got no transport
and the groom's house is at the border between Sarawak and Indonesia,
means no way out except to wait for someone to drive you back.

Another random shot,
cause we sat beside the door to the kitchen so we shot lots of plants wtf


The following are posts on our New Year celebration :

We had BBQ on New Year eve after prayer at Church

I help pegang lampu wtf
It was actually very dark,
my cousin used flash
so I sort-of looked silly carrying a lamp when it was so bright.

Sempat posing with the lampu again wtf

On our way to enjoy some live band performance

It was full moon!!

Us on 1st January 2010.
Cousin in the middle looked voke, cause he is a make up artist.
You know, like those you see in TV wtf


I linked baby steps to what we all went through in 2009.
It is now year 2010 and everything seemed to move on so fast.
I wondered whether you can call them baby steps/ learning...
Or are they large steps that all of a sudden it's over
and you can't actually recall what happened yesterday...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

yes, I do

Suddenly I feel so emo to blog about this.
It's a love story, like Romeo and Juliet.
Just like the song sang by Taylor Swift.

"Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess
It's a love story baby just say yes"

When I first saw the girl,
I knew she was charming and even Mum agreed.
Then, I was maybe 13 and she was 4 years older.
I was matured enough to think whether she has a boyfriend.
She was too charming not to have one.

Not until her wedding day did I know she said "yes",
and she was my age.
It was puppy love turned true love.

When I heard her side of the story,
I was touched.
Here, I shall share the promise between two 13 years old to live together,

A day before their wedding day,
I heard him say :
"I would had killed myself if you didn't say yes when we were in Form 1"
Perhaps he was immature, or maybe his love was so powerful.

They quarrel a lot during high school.
But as days go by,
they learnt to be patient and change for one another.
Not many people can change for the sake of an underage teenage partner.
Just like many other teenagers,
they lied to their parents.

"I have group study"
"I have extra co-curricular activities"
"The teachers need my help in school"
"I have extra class"

It happened.
Those were the times where they get to go on little dates,
only me and you.

For once they graduated from high school:
they were distracted by dreams and ambitions,
distance and worst, parents.
They had no choice but to go separate ways.
There was no way she could get over it,
he too was devastated.

It did not last long.
Though separated by dreams and distance,
they continue loving each other without the knowledge of their parents.

It went on for quite sometime,
until both achieved their dreams.

When he had stable income,
they decided it was time to inform their parents.
Looking at how strong their children love is towards each other,
the parents blessed their children.

He proposed and for the second time she said yes.
Everytime I look into their eyes,
I saw the signs on happiness.

It had been 12 years since she first said yes.
Still everytime they look at each other,
their faces glow and their eyes shine.
Now, they are expecting a baby.
The baby is the seed of true love.

they are sooooo eeefreaking sweet.
make me feel like getting married soon wtf

abouthetitle :
During a proposal,
some people cry because they feel scared wtf,
some people just nod their head cause they are too nervous to talk,
some people slap their partner cause it means no wtf,
some people scream then faint,
occasionally people just say "yes",
but in movies or novel,
and in a blog we always expect "yes, I do"