Thursday, January 28, 2010

in courtesy of love

It has been really long since I posted something in my dearest blog.

I had been busy with my studies,
just started my semester this week.

Had meetings for a few events I am taking part in.

Met lecturers who reminds me of my dearest Daddy.

They talk about those rocks,
crystals and those tools Daddy used to show me when I was younger.

Hope he get well soon, he is still on sick leave.

He must be waiting for my call everyday at home cause
whenever I call my Mum's mobile he will be the one answering. :D

I realized how much what I am studying is related to my life,
just like how doctors make their children doctors
(my dentist & orthodontist are father & son).

We are exposed to it since we were born.

Perhaps I will love what I am doing,
the field works and hours of lab.

Rather than the boring lectures.

I am still thinking whether I made the right choice.

Hopefully I will find out this semester.

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