Monday, January 4, 2010

baby steps you say?


It has been long since I post pictures so here it is,

a post on part of my holiday.

As I promised the readers of Mua Shoppin' Bag,

I will show me wearing the contact lenses I just bought.

This is Geo Nudy Grey.
Photo taken before watching Avatar 3D.
Ignore the long lashes, I didn't know how to trim the fake lashes.

This is Geo in Black.
Taken before attending a wedding.
I was wearing Baju Kebaya :D


The following pictures will be on my stay at Kampung Pueh,
from 28th December 2009 to 3rd January 2010.
I've pre selected the pictures and did minor edits to some of them.
Not all photos taken are published due to time and energy constrain wtf

Mr. Smiley sitting under the Sunny sun wtf

Me and my cousin, Cal before attending the wedding.

Cousin and nephew tried to kidnap Winnie the Pooh wtf

I thought I looked like a doll.
I guess the contact lens and makeup worked...rite?

At the groom's house, I freaking love the design.
Designs fully done by his Dad himself.

The bride & the groom with the wedding cake.
The design of the pelamin was made based on Indonesian style.
Cause the groom's Mum is an Indonesian.

I only do minor touch up jobs :D
And some make ups for the brides maid.

Happy family.

Cake cutting ceremony.

The make up artist and the assistants wtf
We are not professionals but still learning.

I want a house made of quality wood and rattan like this.
Like a chalet, big land and beside the beach XD

A random shot of my earrings by my cousin

Me and my cousin cam whoring cause we were too bored.
We wanna go back but we got no transport
and the groom's house is at the border between Sarawak and Indonesia,
means no way out except to wait for someone to drive you back.

Another random shot,
cause we sat beside the door to the kitchen so we shot lots of plants wtf


The following are posts on our New Year celebration :

We had BBQ on New Year eve after prayer at Church

I help pegang lampu wtf
It was actually very dark,
my cousin used flash
so I sort-of looked silly carrying a lamp when it was so bright.

Sempat posing with the lampu again wtf

On our way to enjoy some live band performance

It was full moon!!

Us on 1st January 2010.
Cousin in the middle looked voke, cause he is a make up artist.
You know, like those you see in TV wtf


I linked baby steps to what we all went through in 2009.
It is now year 2010 and everything seemed to move on so fast.
I wondered whether you can call them baby steps/ learning...
Or are they large steps that all of a sudden it's over
and you can't actually recall what happened yesterday...


Daphnee said...

i loveeeeeeeeeee ur grey contacts. im gonna get them too :) :) :)

MayLin :: Melinda said...

daphnee : go grab them! hahah..really comfy those lens. my friend got the brown ones, me love too! :D

Daphnee said...

yup. i wore the brown ones before :) im getting the grey ones next :D hehe

and the black one looks very very very dolly!

SengYee said...

the BBQ chicken wings looked nice..
so as ur lens..

MayLin :: Melinda said...

hahah...thanks! when u guys come Kuching we go steamboat la yea... :D

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