Monday, January 31, 2011

Virgin hair dye (follow up)

Not that the hair dye is a virgin, it just supposed to mean that

it was the first time I dye my hair...

And thanks so much to my Mummy who picked the colour for me!

I was standing in front of the hair dyes for almost half an hour,
my Mum was shopping for groceries.

When she was done, she came over and I told her my confusion.

So she just picked one she thinks best.

And indeed it turned out like what I wanted!

Mummy said she is so tempted to dye hers after she saw I did mine.

She asked me to keep the box so that she can go buy one when I am not around.

It's so easy that you can do it on your own without missing any spots.

Except that you must massage properly.

If lazy like me then some parts will be uneven. Hehe

So regarding some request, here I show the colour with my face. :)

It looks different at different angle, love.

Liese bubble hair colour (review)

Why I suddenly want to dye my hair? My long pure black hair?

Because Liese bubble hair colour is having Chinese New Year promotion!

Normal price is almost RM38 but now promotion price is RM33 only!

My hair lost the virginity to Liese!

I helped my brothers and mother to dye their hair using Revlon, Gatsby and Loreal.

But this is the first time I am using bubble dye, on my virgin hair!

The flyer I took from Guardian, like 2 months ago. Haha.

All the colours are listed in the flyers.

The colour I chose. Chiffon Beige! It's yellowish-green.

Cause I don't want to go for the common brownish colour.

What comes in the box!

1. Bottle 1

2. Bottle 2

3. Hair lotion (moisturizer)

4. Foam pump

5. Rubber gloves

6. Instructions in 3 languages

Before (with flash)

Before (without flash)

Apply baby oil at the hairline, ears, neckline :)

Section the hair and cover up the upper part of the body

so that the dye won't drip on the body.

The foam from the bottle.

Just massage the dye like shampoo.

Then leave on for 30 minutes cause my hair super black.

After (with flash)

After (without flash)

Love the colour!

But the cons, my parting and baby hair lighter colour.

So my front part lighter colour, blonde :|

Nevermind, first time dye hair.

DIY somemore. Haha.

And Liese is so easy to use.

Mostly heard complains dye make the hair dry and frizzy,

but my hair is like softer and smoother?! haha

Will definitely use it again in the future!

Hoping for new colours to be released!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Encounter with the Hamsap man

Did I look different at work today compared to the previous 5 days?!

Case #1: Encounter with hamsap man age mid 30's

So I was having dinner at Pizza Junction.

I was sitting alone eating my yummy spaghetti bolognaise when a man came from behind.

Hamsap man : "sedap yer..."

(So obviously I look up to see who-tf is disturbing my appetite)

Hamsap man : "where are you working?"

Me : "Just up front." (trying to ignore his hamsap grin so I just continue eating wtf)

Hamsap man : "Oh so near. What race?"

Me : "Chinese la" (in my heart I added f*ck off behind)

Hamsap man : "Still studying?"

Me : "Ya, work part time." (at the same time eating fhamsapmanl)

Hamsap man : "Where are you from?"

Me : "Kuching la"

Hamsap man : "Let's go have a drink sometime."

Me : "Busy la, I'm working." (show dulan* face)

Hamsap man : "Ehhh...take off day marh..cannot be no off day."

Me : "Cannot la...I work everyday" (this is serious, no play2)

Hamsap man : "Cannot be...we can be friends, we go lim teh** one day."

Me : "Cannot wor...I work 10am to 10pm" (pretend to be sad but serious)

Hamsap man : "Wahhh...ok committed"

(conclusion : Hamsap man scared of committed ladies. LOL)

*dulan : annoyed in Hokkien

**lim teh : have a cup of tea in Hokkien

Case #2 : Encounter with naughty boy age after-form5

I was doing some promotional stuffs.

Naughty boy : "Hi, what is your name?"

Me : "Why should I tell you?" (show wtf face)

Naughty boy : "I just wanna know..." (with that naughty grin)

Me : "You buy my products then I tell la..."

Naughty boy : "Hahahha!" (and ran away)

(Conclusion: Naughty boy probably got scared seeing my braces
cause I might eat him up fnaughtyboyl)

He must have thought we are same age or something.

Cause I am petite and my hair is as black as a kuai*** high school student.

And I work part time like all those form 5 leavers (around Malaysia wtf)

I almost yelled : "I'm your Noona****!!"

***kuai : good behavior in Hokkien

****Noona : elder sister in Korean

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crazy shopping spree

This is like the biggest ever shopping spree I am doing.

Online shopping kills, for real.

A list of what I have purchased:

1. 1 long purse
2. 6 polo tees
3. 1 BB cream
4. 4 E.L.F makeup
5. 2 pairs of shorts
6. 1 Formal blouse
7. 3 lace dresses
8. 2 chiffon dresses
9. 1 bf tee
10. 1 sweater
11. 2 pairs of jumpsuits
12. 1 sling bag
13. 2 tank tops
14. 1 pair of contact lens
15. 1 cardigan
16. 2 floral dresses
17. 1 Idol CD

Yet to add up to what I didn't purchase online:

1. 1 T-shirt
2. 1 pair of sneakers
3. 1 pair of formal heels
4. 1 pair of shorts
5. 1 pair of formal pants
6. 2 nail polishes

In f*cking 2 weeks only! fml

All are for myself except the 6 Polo tees where other 5 are for presents.

So many other miscellaneous I didn't add in.

Total of all these way exceed RM1k wtf

And I pay them all by myself fml (but give clap can?)

And...I still got 2, or 3 dresses back in Uni new with tag on that I never wear,

more fml.

The bf gonna kill me, he hates me spending money though it's mine.

Good thing I am going vintage now,

though I am still obsessed with lace and floral stuffs as you can see above.

So I get my Mum's old bag and modify them.

That's why you don't see me buy bags.

Except that only one I wanna use for lecture (big enough for 5 files wtf)

But I am happy.

Reader's digest said happiness extend life from 7.5 to 10 years.

Much better than not smoking & drinking, so ok la right? :)

If got free time I model all my vintage clothes.

Now working to earn back fml

If I am a spender, I have to be the earner.

Or else, I will die in poverty. Correct? :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stay healthy!

It is officially the Monsoon season so many people are falling sick.
My Mum and youngest brother just recovered
from fever and now still having cough.
I am having boil on my leg cause my body is
doing detox after I had a few prawns.
I have prawns allergy, that is when things get bad.
My eyes swell and you can hardly see my pupils.
Minor allergy, my body will detox itself.

Seeing many people getting sick during this bad weather period,
I figured a way to stay healthy!
Here is what I practiced 3 to 4 times a week.

Making vege & fruit mix juice!
More of ordinary drink cause I keep all the residues for ruffedge.

This time the ingredients are:

Previously I only had tomato and celery so the juice taste quite bittersweet.
I don't like the taste so I added in some more sweetness.

Just put in everything into the blender,
make sure you cut them all into small pieces
or else your blender may get stuck.
Even if it works, it is not good for your blender in long term.
Add some water to ease the blending.

Blend blend blend!
And there you are done with it!

Pour your juice mix into a glass or a covered container.
You can keep it refrigerated for 2 days and drink it best during breakfast! :)

You can change the ingredients everytime you blend.
Add in your favourite fruits like
Apple, Pears, Kiwi, Orange etc. to alter the taste.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The fears of my result

Just another short update cause I am really busy these few weeks before Chinese New Year. So we all got our results yesterday, it was out sometime after midnight, I think. I didn't wait for the result to be out, was not that anxious of my result. I slept early and woke up late because the monsoon season just officially started. Yesterday onwards, it had been raining non stop in Kuching. Few areas are already flooded. My house is considered on the highland, and no large drain nearby, so I enjoyed my time sleeping.

I woke up almost noon and first thing I did was to go Facebook. I knew I had to read all those status from my coursemates first to know what to expect. As I guessed, mostly complained about those few subjects which crushed our hopes. Some start accusing lecturers, the activities they took part in, the amount of games they played, the girlfriends wtf. After reading all those, I got a good laugh and decided to check on mine.

My result was as expected. Those I knew I did well and those I finished, or left blank and half heartedly leaving the exam hall. But with 20 credit hours I guess that was how I managed to use those strong subjects to help me with my weaker grades. The only subject I got A was my co-curriculum fml. But I didn't get any C this time. Hopefully my Vector Calculus was my first and last C. Mathematics and calculus is not really my thing. I can do maths but I am slow. I take longer time studying my geology core subjects than maths subjects but I always end up doing better in memorizing stuffs though I memorize till three quarter dead. Mostly I came out of the exam hall almost crying because I can't recall what I just memorized.

Most Science subjects need you to focus Physics-Chemistry or Biology-Chemistry with some or lots of maths. But it was such a pressure that I need to study all Physics-Biology-Chemistry-Maths. When it come to learning the Earth, practically the World, it's nothing near a piece of cake. It's really something I never expect, to learn what my Dad did any still after all those years he need to spend weeks in jungles, got his legs bitten by all kinds of insects leeches, he still give me all the support to pursue what I am doing right now.

Let's keep my result a little bit secret. I got over 3.0 but nothing reaching Dean's list yet. And I aim to reach there before I got for my internship which is 3 more semesters to go. I am not a bright student, far from a genius. But I will try my best to be there cause God always show me miracles and give me tonnes of surprises when I was at my weakest and when I lost hope.

So why am I surprised by this result of mine? There are a happenings which really de-motivate me last semester.

First: I was part of a big event in my Uni. I am sure some of you read on my post about Music Pursuit? The event was on Friday night, the rehearsals started on Tuesday the same week and my Probability & Statistics test was on Saturday morning. So I didn't manage to study at all cause I was having endless meeting, I even skipped a few lectures cause I was super exhausted. After the event ended almost at midnight, I went back and flipped my books right away without taking my shower fml. I studied till 4am I think, then I went to bed. I woke up super early to shower then continued studying until we need to go for the exam. I was all blur cause not only I need to study the concept, we need to memorize all the formulas, none given. That was when I screwed up cause I didn't manage to memorize the formula. So I got like 5/20 or lower wtf. I didn't do well in my final as well because I had 2 subjects in a day (both heavy). But I was grateful enough that I didn't collect another C in my record.

Second: The amazing moments when our Stratigraphy lecturer will suddenly yelled out, Quiz!! We had pop up quiz everyday, and the lecture is at 8AM everyday. He came late everyday, but we all came early fearing that we will miss the quiz if we came late but he never did came early fol. In every quiz, he gave us really short easy questions but don't be tricked cause the answers are difficult wtf. He will ask us to sit really really really far apart as if the hall is that big enough fhl and he wants the exact answer from the book, like every single vocab and grammar. You write "Abu, my friend, has a pen" instead or "My friend Abu has a pen" then you get zero@egg@telur. So most of our quizzes marks are 2/10 or max. 5/10. Then our final exam, I guess he expected us to memorize the whole book cause most of us got B+ at most (who got A tell me!!)

Third: My mission of saving the trees, my time and risking my life (for now my studies is my life fml). This post is getting interesting wtf. I have never used saving the trees as an excuse until last sem. I am a nature person but I am not that terrorist naturalist who thinks of saving trees every now and then, wear tree costume run around and so on. Okay back to the point. So one day I sold my printer cause it was occupying too much space, making me printing my field trip reports in the printing room. The printing room is far from civilization wtf no place selling paper nearby. So I had limited papers and after I printed all my reports only did I realized I got the title of the next page on the bottom of the previous page. Geddit? Alignment mistake. So I printed the titles on a piece of paper, cut (more of tear cause I only got ruler, no scissors which is why all of them are jaggered) the titles and pasted (thank God I got glue) them on top of each page. Then I liquid paper the titles at the bottom of the page. So you can imagine the mess of my report. Cut-paste-liquid papers on EVERY page. I ran to my lecturer's room and told him "I am sorry for the mess in the report, I had printing error and instead of reprinting everything I tried to save the trees". He just took my report and smiled. I said Thank you and ran out before he get to flip it and comment. Surprisingly, I got the highest marks in class.

Forth: For my co-curriculum, I took Modern Music. I am not a music person. Well I do listen but I don't play instruments. My guitar and piano lessons failed terribly like my swimming lesson fml. So I played the Trombone, yes me and the huge instrument. At first I had really difficult time holding it upright, my biceps are tiny. However I was determined to at least no because of the grades, but to learn something new. I had trouble blowing as well because of my braces, I can't get my mouth into that "M" position. When we all played together, I seemed like I am doing well. When I practice alone, I heard (myself) that I was playing well fml. Then it was exam time. We had to play harmony in a group and solo. Our harmony was well but when I played solo, I went out of tune. The lecturer need to ask my teammate playing the alto sexophone to accompany me. I did terribly but I had fun. And that subject turned out to be the only A I got.

Fifth: As I've posted before, I went back home (Kuching) for study week. My initial exam timetable was that my first paper to start on Tuesday. So I booked my flight back to KL on Sunday evening, thinking that I will have another day of rest before my first paper. To my surprise, I checked our exam timetable during the study week and a paper was changed to Monday! Thank God it was in the afternoon. So after reaching KL around 7pm, we (me and roomie) waited for 2 hours for our train to Batu Gajah. The KL-Batu Gajah journey took 2 hours plus. Reached Uni almost midnight. So I took out all my notes from study week and started revising, without showering and unpacking first. After 2 hours I slept. I woke up around 8am, shower, unpack and continue to study. That was beyond my expectation. 24 hours ago I was still in Kuching and now I am in the exam hall. It felt amazing I managed to stay wide awake the whole time.

That's how I am grateful with my results. Despite all those I still managed to get hold on to myself and strike for the best. Amazing adventure. After the exam, my adventure was also as amazing. I am going to start a new semester very soon. Trying to avoid joining any activities, enough being a spectator. I will try harder this time to reach my target. People strive for 4 flats, I strive to be in Dean's list enough can? Hehe :)

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Take part in Astro PVR Change your Life Contest today & win a trip to KK! (Preview)

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Take part in Astro PVR Change your Life Contest today & win a trip to KK! (Preview)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Manicure & pedicure

My own manicure & pedicure..

Apology for the bad photo quality..

Taken using camera phone 2MP only..


That was like 2 weeks ago..

The paint chipping off already..

Saw the hot pink and green nails?

I did it during Christmas but didn't realize until my friend pointed it out yesterday.

I did the colour out of random. lol

Gonna try the marble nail art next..

Stunning right?

Looks easy to do on the tutorial.. we'll see..

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Catch Korean Pop Stars live in Malaysia! (Preview)

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Catch Korean Pop Stars live in Malaysia! (Preview)

Watch B2st, Gna & 4Minute live!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Skin79 VIP Gold & Missha Perfect Cover reviews

Am going to do review on the 2 BB Creams which I have tested on.

Review on :

Skin79 Super plus VIP Gold &

Missha Perfect Cover shade #23 Natural Beige

I will start with my skin type cause my review may not agree with all skin types.

I have tan skin. Pink undertone (blue veins).

Combination to dry skin type.

My skin peels during dry season.

Not sensitive.

Breakouts happen easily if face not kept clean.

I have blackheads and whiteheads problem but rarely have pimples.

Dark eye circles commonly in dark purple.

Few chicken pox scars on my forehead and left cheek.



Claims to:
-sun protection with SPF25 PA++
-wrinkle improvement
-anti aging
My impression:
-matching shade
-moisturizing enough for my dry skin
-coverage from light to medium
-coverage rate 4.5/5
-oil control 4/5
-skin feels smooth after using
-no break outs or irritation after using
-not tested when I sweat so I'm not sure how it turns out


Claims to:


-sun protection with SPF40 PA++

-wrinkle & blemishes improvement


My impression:

-more liquid base than Skin79 VIP Gold

-shade abit too grey, making it difficult to blend

-moisturizing enough for my dry skin

-coverage from fair to medium

-coverage rate 4/5

-oil control 3.5/5

-skin feels smooth after using

-no break outs or irritation after using

-not tested when I sweat so I'm not sure how it turns out


Overall I prefer Skin79 due to it's advantage in

more matching shade and better oil control.

Initially wanted to try out Dr.Jart's and BRTC BB creams

but the shades claim to be too fair for my skin type.

Would love to try Etude house, Face shop and Skin food next.


Over the past 2 years 2 months of our relationship, me and my bf argued a lot.

We had so many conflicts and our minds never seemed to think alike.

I am impatient and indecisive while he is secretive and defensive.

Everything I do is wrong to him but he never tells.

Everything he do is wrong to me and I always tell.

The relationship ended up like I am the bad girl and he is the good guy.

He is not good with girls while I know how a guy should do to make a girl happy.

Everytime we meet, we argue.

A few times he refused to meet me, and sorry became a common word from me.

Until one day he decided we should just break up.

I knew most of the time is because I can't keep things to myself.

When I feel sad, angry I must let him know.

While he, is just the total opposite.

I was also suffering a lot from the arguments, so I accepted his wish with open heart.

I cried for a day, but soon learned to accept the fact that I was just 19,

and I still look forward to so many things in life.

That was when I truly believe in fate.

The quotes that if two people belong together, no matter how far is the distance,

how many challenges they need to face, they will return together.

For all those time I believe that one day I will find my soul mate.

After 5 days, the bf send me a message asking me to check my email.

His apology letter, accompanied by an e-card and a video clip.

This guy with such big ego who rarely apologize when he makes me upset,

sent an apology and a super long email of what we went through,

and why I still mean everything to him despite all my stupid acts.

Today, we still argue like other couples.

But most of the time, our arguments turned into laughter.

I learned to control my emotions cause I know he hates me being emo.

He learned to know more about girls, that girls have PMS and unstable emotions.

The break up, even though just 5 days, it changed everything.

Despite all the pain, it can't remove the laughters and smiles we had together.

It's true, that you will only regret once you lost it.

To all those feeling emo, I know a few :)

Get hold onto yourself, it's not the end yet.

You maybe 25, 30, 35, 40 but that doesn't mean it's the end.

Hundreds of heartbreaks doesn't mean it will be like that forever,

in those heartbreaks, you had been happy didn't you?

Read the paper that a 110 years old man married a 82 years old woman?

In all sadness, there's a glimpse of happiness.

Just search for it.

It seemed really romantic but dying is not the best solution.

Someone out there maybe waiting for you :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

20 things in 2010

Summary of my 2010.

Haha I know it is already the 4th of January 2011 but I was only back in Kuching yesterday.

And I had not been touching my laptop since Christmas eve.

If you saw me post up anything before 3rd of January, that was my cousin's laptop.

Well, to cut the story short I will first warn you guys that this post will be really like a summary.

Few lines of words and no pictures cause now I am feeling all drowsy and sleepy.

So basically what happened in 2010 in chronological order if I don't make any silly mistakes and my memory does not fool me.

1. Entered my 1st year 2nd semester of degree. Means 4th semester in UTP.

2. Celebrated Valentine's away from the bf because back in Kuching for Chinese New Year. No big deal also cause everyday is Valentine's fhl

3. Joined Euphonious, amazing experience. Met lots of new people.

4. wtf brain freeze ermm..visit to Children's home for Moral project

5. First field trip to Bandar Seri Iskandar, got tummy ache in the middle of the dessert with no toilet wtf. Had cold sweat and need to beg the lecturer to drive to nearest building which is a police station fml

6. Trip to A'famosa Melacca. Rented a whole banglo and enjoyed like hell. All those amazing water slides and 4D cinema. Worth going again.

7. Sarawak road trip. West Malaysian friends came over and we had journey from Kuching to Miri in 2 weeks. Stepped in Gua Niah for my first time. Got drunk but not knock out and realized I am quite a good drinker wtf

8. Back to Uni for 2nd year 1st semester, 20 credit hours almost killed me but I survived. Next week result's gonna be out fml

9. 1 week field trip all the way to Cameron, Gua Musang and somewhere in Kelantan. Challenging but wonderful experience. Many more field trips to look forward to in my coming semesters.

10. Went to Cameron Highlands for like, 3 times in a semester. The last trip was for a youth camp, got to know many new friends. Realized I am better adapt to the temperature at lower ground fml

11. Went to my 1st Prom dinner. Did my 1st runway modelling and public latin dance performance. Was asked whether I learnt modelling before ehem2 of course no people natural mahh plss hit my head with a rock

12. When to the club, my first time with the bf! Bf damn sporting, dance beside me and my girls. and we even shared beers wtf. It was after prom party so everyone looked hot that night fol

13. Ate in a Korean restaurant for the first time, on my birthday. Ate Domino's, Snowflakes, Madam Kwan's, Carl's Junior, Itallianies, many other famous foods etc. Ate so much this year, especially this sem. When I went back to Kuching everyone realized I grew fatter.

14. Celebrated our 2nd year anniversary in the middle of our exam. Not in the exam hall fyl but the day before was a paper and 2 days after was rows of papers. We were lucky our anniversary fall of a break between those papers.

15. KL and Sunway! My 2nd time at Sunway and this time I get to try now only the water slides but also the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), flying fox, kayaking etc.

16. Helped out my cousin at his beauty shop. As assistant only of course. Get to know how that wap machine works. Usually when I go facial my eyes are closed with cotton pads, so now I can watch how it works lol

17. Joined this Ratu Kebaya competition and I was told to fill in the form only a few hours, like 5 hours before the competition. Imagine the run looking for clothes, makeup and hairdo. I even had to borrow my 11 years old cousin's heels. Luckily I am size 3 wtf

18. New year countdown in bed cause I was having bad, very bad period pain. Cold sweat and I cried while rolling on bed. But I still got lots of wishing through text messages. Especially from him who despite all the pain never make me regret being born a girl. Thanks everyone! Love ya!

Cheers for 2011!! Meanwhile, let me think on the other 2..

I know there are so many things but I can't seem to remember. And maybe some listed above happened in 2009 fml max.

What I look forward to in 2011 is of course, open my braces!! Ugly Betty just opened hers last week...when is mine.. But she had hers on for 4 years fhl

Stay tuned for my next post on beauty! Comparison between Skin79 VIP gold BB cream and Missha Perfect Cover BB cream.

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Shop in Jipaban today! (Preview)

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Shop in Jipaban today! (Preview)

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Catch Korean Pop Stars live in Malaysia! (Preview)

ChurpChurp | Social Share » Catch Korean Pop Stars live in Malaysia! (Preview)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year 2011

Sorry I have not been updating..

Had been really busy.. :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 everyone!!

I have never made any resolution before, so oh well.

All I did was to live and never regret.

And I didn't regret 2010, it's full of surprises.

And now let's let 2011 surprise me! :)