Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Over the past 2 years 2 months of our relationship, me and my bf argued a lot.

We had so many conflicts and our minds never seemed to think alike.

I am impatient and indecisive while he is secretive and defensive.

Everything I do is wrong to him but he never tells.

Everything he do is wrong to me and I always tell.

The relationship ended up like I am the bad girl and he is the good guy.

He is not good with girls while I know how a guy should do to make a girl happy.

Everytime we meet, we argue.

A few times he refused to meet me, and sorry became a common word from me.

Until one day he decided we should just break up.

I knew most of the time is because I can't keep things to myself.

When I feel sad, angry I must let him know.

While he, is just the total opposite.

I was also suffering a lot from the arguments, so I accepted his wish with open heart.

I cried for a day, but soon learned to accept the fact that I was just 19,

and I still look forward to so many things in life.

That was when I truly believe in fate.

The quotes that if two people belong together, no matter how far is the distance,

how many challenges they need to face, they will return together.

For all those time I believe that one day I will find my soul mate.

After 5 days, the bf send me a message asking me to check my email.

His apology letter, accompanied by an e-card and a video clip.

This guy with such big ego who rarely apologize when he makes me upset,

sent an apology and a super long email of what we went through,

and why I still mean everything to him despite all my stupid acts.

Today, we still argue like other couples.

But most of the time, our arguments turned into laughter.

I learned to control my emotions cause I know he hates me being emo.

He learned to know more about girls, that girls have PMS and unstable emotions.

The break up, even though just 5 days, it changed everything.

Despite all the pain, it can't remove the laughters and smiles we had together.

It's true, that you will only regret once you lost it.

To all those feeling emo, I know a few :)

Get hold onto yourself, it's not the end yet.

You maybe 25, 30, 35, 40 but that doesn't mean it's the end.

Hundreds of heartbreaks doesn't mean it will be like that forever,

in those heartbreaks, you had been happy didn't you?

Read the paper that a 110 years old man married a 82 years old woman?

In all sadness, there's a glimpse of happiness.

Just search for it.

It seemed really romantic but dying is not the best solution.

Someone out there maybe waiting for you :)


Isabel said...

am happy for u mei linnie... :) be strong and work things out 2geda yea. muaks... <3 ya... :D

MayLin :: Melinda said...

love u babe! thanks for always being there for me!! xoxo