Monday, January 31, 2011

Liese bubble hair colour (review)

Why I suddenly want to dye my hair? My long pure black hair?

Because Liese bubble hair colour is having Chinese New Year promotion!

Normal price is almost RM38 but now promotion price is RM33 only!

My hair lost the virginity to Liese!

I helped my brothers and mother to dye their hair using Revlon, Gatsby and Loreal.

But this is the first time I am using bubble dye, on my virgin hair!

The flyer I took from Guardian, like 2 months ago. Haha.

All the colours are listed in the flyers.

The colour I chose. Chiffon Beige! It's yellowish-green.

Cause I don't want to go for the common brownish colour.

What comes in the box!

1. Bottle 1

2. Bottle 2

3. Hair lotion (moisturizer)

4. Foam pump

5. Rubber gloves

6. Instructions in 3 languages

Before (with flash)

Before (without flash)

Apply baby oil at the hairline, ears, neckline :)

Section the hair and cover up the upper part of the body

so that the dye won't drip on the body.

The foam from the bottle.

Just massage the dye like shampoo.

Then leave on for 30 minutes cause my hair super black.

After (with flash)

After (without flash)

Love the colour!

But the cons, my parting and baby hair lighter colour.

So my front part lighter colour, blonde :|

Nevermind, first time dye hair.

DIY somemore. Haha.

And Liese is so easy to use.

Mostly heard complains dye make the hair dry and frizzy,

but my hair is like softer and smoother?! haha

Will definitely use it again in the future!

Hoping for new colours to be released!


Daphnee said...

heyyyyy maylin hehehee happy chinese new year! i used liese too in sweet pink. too bad for me, i dont like the color. very common brown turned out. instead of reddish brown. sigh. gonna redye again. glad u love it :)) see u soon with ur new hair!

MayLin :: Melinda said...

I was hoping it to be lighter. the colour uneven make me kinda sad, but my mum said nice, means ppl see nice ok lor..haha. Happy Chinese New Year too babe!