Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crazy shopping spree

This is like the biggest ever shopping spree I am doing.

Online shopping kills, for real.

A list of what I have purchased:

1. 1 long purse
2. 6 polo tees
3. 1 BB cream
4. 4 E.L.F makeup
5. 2 pairs of shorts
6. 1 Formal blouse
7. 3 lace dresses
8. 2 chiffon dresses
9. 1 bf tee
10. 1 sweater
11. 2 pairs of jumpsuits
12. 1 sling bag
13. 2 tank tops
14. 1 pair of contact lens
15. 1 cardigan
16. 2 floral dresses
17. 1 Idol CD

Yet to add up to what I didn't purchase online:

1. 1 T-shirt
2. 1 pair of sneakers
3. 1 pair of formal heels
4. 1 pair of shorts
5. 1 pair of formal pants
6. 2 nail polishes

In f*cking 2 weeks only! fml

All are for myself except the 6 Polo tees where other 5 are for presents.

So many other miscellaneous I didn't add in.

Total of all these way exceed RM1k wtf

And I pay them all by myself fml (but give clap can?)

And...I still got 2, or 3 dresses back in Uni new with tag on that I never wear,

more fml.

The bf gonna kill me, he hates me spending money though it's mine.

Good thing I am going vintage now,

though I am still obsessed with lace and floral stuffs as you can see above.

So I get my Mum's old bag and modify them.

That's why you don't see me buy bags.

Except that only one I wanna use for lecture (big enough for 5 files wtf)

But I am happy.

Reader's digest said happiness extend life from 7.5 to 10 years.

Much better than not smoking & drinking, so ok la right? :)

If got free time I model all my vintage clothes.

Now working to earn back fml

If I am a spender, I have to be the earner.

Or else, I will die in poverty. Correct? :)


Jia Lin said...

hi, bought so many things ya. If you come to Europe, i bet you will shop till drop. :) We applied through SIIU for oversea internship then SIIU will shortlisted those names to the Uni that want internship student.The Uni will select whoever that they want. Just got 1 requirement, your cgpa must be above 3.5, so do gpa to be secured. However, if you got above 3.75 will have a better chance. hope it will help. good luck! thanks :)

Daphnee said...

maylin! I shopped a lot too! Online shopping kills seriously. This sem break I didnt spend as much as you. hehe. Was saving money for camera. Haha I bought few dresses which we can rarely wear in utp. ughhh. but stll cant resist to not buy because too pretty!! hehe. I ordered ELF stuff too! 8 items. @.@ Cant wait for them to arriveeee xx

MayLin :: Melinda said...

Jia lin: oh shit, my cgpa tak sampai. thing is none of the girls in my course get DL.. =.= it's really difficult!

daph: me too! and I still waiting for 3 parcels. lol

Jia Lin said...

what course are you taking? thats the 1st and only requirement. maybe you can work harder the coming semesters. They will take your 3rd yr 1st result. Beginning of 3rd yr 2nd then only can apply. SIIU will tell you more during the 1st internship briefing.

Jia Lin said...

so far never heard any geoscience student go oversea. maybe you can be the first! :)good luck ya sis! <3