Tuesday, January 4, 2011

20 things in 2010

Summary of my 2010.

Haha I know it is already the 4th of January 2011 but I was only back in Kuching yesterday.

And I had not been touching my laptop since Christmas eve.

If you saw me post up anything before 3rd of January, that was my cousin's laptop.

Well, to cut the story short I will first warn you guys that this post will be really like a summary.

Few lines of words and no pictures cause now I am feeling all drowsy and sleepy.

So basically what happened in 2010 in chronological order if I don't make any silly mistakes and my memory does not fool me.

1. Entered my 1st year 2nd semester of degree. Means 4th semester in UTP.

2. Celebrated Valentine's away from the bf because back in Kuching for Chinese New Year. No big deal also cause everyday is Valentine's fhl

3. Joined Euphonious, amazing experience. Met lots of new people.

4. wtf brain freeze ermm..visit to Children's home for Moral project

5. First field trip to Bandar Seri Iskandar, got tummy ache in the middle of the dessert with no toilet wtf. Had cold sweat and need to beg the lecturer to drive to nearest building which is a police station fml

6. Trip to A'famosa Melacca. Rented a whole banglo and enjoyed like hell. All those amazing water slides and 4D cinema. Worth going again.

7. Sarawak road trip. West Malaysian friends came over and we had journey from Kuching to Miri in 2 weeks. Stepped in Gua Niah for my first time. Got drunk but not knock out and realized I am quite a good drinker wtf

8. Back to Uni for 2nd year 1st semester, 20 credit hours almost killed me but I survived. Next week result's gonna be out fml

9. 1 week field trip all the way to Cameron, Gua Musang and somewhere in Kelantan. Challenging but wonderful experience. Many more field trips to look forward to in my coming semesters.

10. Went to Cameron Highlands for like, 3 times in a semester. The last trip was for a youth camp, got to know many new friends. Realized I am better adapt to the temperature at lower ground fml

11. Went to my 1st Prom dinner. Did my 1st runway modelling and public latin dance performance. Was asked whether I learnt modelling before ehem2 of course no people natural mahh plss hit my head with a rock

12. When to the club, my first time with the bf! Bf damn sporting, dance beside me and my girls. and we even shared beers wtf. It was after prom party so everyone looked hot that night fol

13. Ate in a Korean restaurant for the first time, on my birthday. Ate Domino's, Snowflakes, Madam Kwan's, Carl's Junior, Itallianies, many other famous foods etc. Ate so much this year, especially this sem. When I went back to Kuching everyone realized I grew fatter.

14. Celebrated our 2nd year anniversary in the middle of our exam. Not in the exam hall fyl but the day before was a paper and 2 days after was rows of papers. We were lucky our anniversary fall of a break between those papers.

15. KL and Sunway! My 2nd time at Sunway and this time I get to try now only the water slides but also the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), flying fox, kayaking etc.

16. Helped out my cousin at his beauty shop. As assistant only of course. Get to know how that wap machine works. Usually when I go facial my eyes are closed with cotton pads, so now I can watch how it works lol

17. Joined this Ratu Kebaya competition and I was told to fill in the form only a few hours, like 5 hours before the competition. Imagine the run looking for clothes, makeup and hairdo. I even had to borrow my 11 years old cousin's heels. Luckily I am size 3 wtf

18. New year countdown in bed cause I was having bad, very bad period pain. Cold sweat and I cried while rolling on bed. But I still got lots of wishing through text messages. Especially from him who despite all the pain never make me regret being born a girl. Thanks everyone! Love ya!

Cheers for 2011!! Meanwhile, let me think on the other 2..

I know there are so many things but I can't seem to remember. And maybe some listed above happened in 2009 fml max.

What I look forward to in 2011 is of course, open my braces!! Ugly Betty just opened hers last week...when is mine.. But she had hers on for 4 years fhl

Stay tuned for my next post on beauty! Comparison between Skin79 VIP gold BB cream and Missha Perfect Cover BB cream.

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