Monday, February 28, 2011

Accident la pulakk

I am probably the most lazy ass blogger ever pfff

I am actually not thaaaat busy but I to explain???

I have lots to blog about but I am just too lazy to put them into words..

Geddit? wtf

One more week till mid semester break, Pangkor Island here we come!!

It's like the nearest Island but I had not been there.

I even reached Langkawi Island before Pangkor. LOL

Next Monday and Tuesday going to KL for some Geologist/Geoscientist convention.

It will be one of the most important day of my life on Wednesday,

other than going to Pangkor.

Mid sem break starts on Thursday, till Sunday.

4 days only. wtf from 1 week change to 4 days INCLUDING weekend.

This week is supposed to be tests week but none of my lecturers confirmed the date.

Means there will be some sort of pop up test pffff

Okay go stadeh first in case tomorrow suddenly got 2 tests arghh

Highlight of the week, even before it started.

Had a small car accident last night.

After church.

Sorry no picture because it was a lil scary that I forgotten.

After that we went for dinner,

I almost tripped at the stairs cause I was still blurr.

We went on convoy, 4 cars.

Some miscommunication, so the other car knocked into mine (rented car).

The door got smashed, RM200 for repair.

Had to divide equally, $$$ fly away again.

Allowance just got in last week T____T

After 3 years of driving, my first accident.

But it's not even my fault.


Oh ya, I bought SHINee Hello Repackage album!!

In love with it.

And will do review on Hada Labo moisturizing set in next post.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

No V-day cause I was bed ridden

Goshh so sorry guys for the lack of updates.

I had been back to Uni 2 weeks ago actually, on the 5th day of Chinese New Year.

Was really busy catching up with what I missed for the whole 2 weeks while I was still back home when the lectures had already started.

Then it was already the 1st weekend this year not being at home.

Saturday was a Chinese New Year cum reunion dinner for my batch, we had after party.

Sorry no picture cause I was already feeling unwell since I arrived in this "dessert".

I was having sore throat and mile cough.

But it got worst on Sunday, I was down with fever that night.

A friend drove me and my roomie, who was sick since Friday, to the 24 hour emergency clinic.

I was suspected for H1N1, so the doctor gave me a swab test, by inserting cotton buds swab into both my nostrils!

Of course I teared, damn irritating.

And here comes the most expensive medical fees I had ever paid for, RM193.30.

The spontaneous torturous irritating painful lab test cost RM90, and it took them only half an hour for the test.

Nevermind about that, I was given medical certificate and was lying on my bed whole day during Valentine's, and also on Tuesday, which thank God is a public holiday.

Pity the bf, celebrating V-day with football and games..or maybe he had more fun while I was sick wtf.

Luckily we did went out on a pre V-day date on Saturday before the dinner, in couple tees!

Sorry no photo too, I was sick and I forgoten cause all I had in mind was him fml.

I am still having cough right now, just hopefully to get cured soon.

I hate this itchy throat feeling.

Promise I'll take pictures for my post next time!

Fingers crossed!