Saturday, February 19, 2011

No V-day cause I was bed ridden

Goshh so sorry guys for the lack of updates.

I had been back to Uni 2 weeks ago actually, on the 5th day of Chinese New Year.

Was really busy catching up with what I missed for the whole 2 weeks while I was still back home when the lectures had already started.

Then it was already the 1st weekend this year not being at home.

Saturday was a Chinese New Year cum reunion dinner for my batch, we had after party.

Sorry no picture cause I was already feeling unwell since I arrived in this "dessert".

I was having sore throat and mile cough.

But it got worst on Sunday, I was down with fever that night.

A friend drove me and my roomie, who was sick since Friday, to the 24 hour emergency clinic.

I was suspected for H1N1, so the doctor gave me a swab test, by inserting cotton buds swab into both my nostrils!

Of course I teared, damn irritating.

And here comes the most expensive medical fees I had ever paid for, RM193.30.

The spontaneous torturous irritating painful lab test cost RM90, and it took them only half an hour for the test.

Nevermind about that, I was given medical certificate and was lying on my bed whole day during Valentine's, and also on Tuesday, which thank God is a public holiday.

Pity the bf, celebrating V-day with football and games..or maybe he had more fun while I was sick wtf.

Luckily we did went out on a pre V-day date on Saturday before the dinner, in couple tees!

Sorry no photo too, I was sick and I forgoten cause all I had in mind was him fml.

I am still having cough right now, just hopefully to get cured soon.

I hate this itchy throat feeling.

Promise I'll take pictures for my post next time!

Fingers crossed!

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