Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Every now and then

I am so sorry that I had not been updating since ages.

My schedule is so jammed packed that my only free time is to sleep.

Well, today is a holiday so I will just post up some lazy updating stories.

So practically I will be having 2 sudden tests this week,

which we knew just yesterday.

My dance practice going cuckoo cause everyone is so busy,

none can make it for the practice.

Promise to update on my last Sarawak trip this coming mid semester break.
Preview of my Sarawak roadtrip :

Arrival of guests!

I am not going anywhere during my mid sem break,
cause I am super duper broke right now.

Want to know why?

Cause I just bought this new baby of mine :

Tadaaa!! N97 mini! Ya, the same garnet bronze colour.

Wanted white but white is the limited edition and I was beyond the limit.

Oh well, nough said.

Happy Independence day!!!

I am not sure whether I am looking forward to Hari Malaysia.

It's the acutal day of Malaysia's formation but last day of holidays...



Happy birthday to the Merdecca baby!

Low Huei Ming you are now officially 20! lol

Ooppss...birthday girl on the front row left,

not in the center.

Bad picture...hahaha

Orite...back to my assignments and tests..

Thursday, August 26, 2010


For the past 3 days it has been really hectic.

I had been sleeping for only 3 to 5 hours a day.

All the meeting, dance practice, quizzes and test bothered me much.

Till the extend that something weird happened.

Today there was a 3 hours gap so I decided to take a nap at my friend's room,

since my room is quite far from the next class.

I set my alarm before hand and my friend went for her class.

I woke up realizing my phone is dead and I search everywhere for a clock.

No clock, I lost track of time.

I rushed to class, found out no one was there.

I figured class has not started yet.

Switched on the computer in the lecture room,

and realized I am 2 hours earlier.

Well, better early than late.

Or worst, totally missed the lab session.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sort of feelings

Has anyone of you been in an almost-relationship?

Well explained and as weird as the name itself,

it creates awkward situation.

I have been in one,

and phew how glad I am that it is the one and only.

This was a few years ago before I was in a stable relationship.

I was single and I did not mind hanging out with guys,

like seriously guys only.

So here was how terrible is an almost-relationship,

which I warn you not to try if you lack trust and confidence.

There was this guy who I chat with quite frequently,

and one day he asked me out fml.

Being adventurous as I am always,

I agreed without second thought.

We had casual walks, casual talks but not at casual time.

Usually we go for walks after 12am, in the dark cold nights.

You get what I mean wtf.

So one there, climax, he said he sort of like me.

wtf sort of??

okay fine so I was also sort of into him,

or maybe a little more than he was into me fml.

When two people like each other, love blossoms right?


But it did not happen, cause we only sort of like each other.

We lost contact after the confession,

none of us want to be in an actual relationship.

Until we both found ourselves in stable relationship afterwards.

Now it gets super awkward when we meet, when we talk.

No proper hello, no proper goodbye.

It just started in a snap and ended in a blink.

That sort of feelings, where did it go?

Friday, August 6, 2010

For now

I was supposed to come up with the pictures on my Sarawak roadtrip sometime last week but due to some technical error (we took thousand of photos and they are yet to be sorted) I shall delay it to next week, I think.
So do not worry bout that. I am just coming to the end of the second week of the semester. I would say that I was rather free because one of the lecturer went away on a conference, while labs and tutorials will only commerce on the third week.
Taking rather heavy subjects this semester. More of the combination of calculations and memorizing. Which I usually only prefer either one for better focus. However, we shall see how will it work out.
I always tell people that I "accidentally" got myself involved in joining those events which are actually unecessary and may not be helpful at all for my resumé. When I come to think of it, I do have sleepless nights and overloaded tasks but then I enjoy myself doing what I like.
When to some people academic is everything, University is where your future will be determined and so on. I told myself I would not want to regret my years spent in University. This is when I get to gain knowledge and know more people. This is when I get to show my skills and explore my interests.
I always imagine how sad and pathetic it is for those who graduate in high dstinction but could not recall what had he or she been doing in the past few years. Everytime me and the girls recall our past, we burst out laughing. We had our moments alright, and we plan to make much more new ones.
Checking our results makes us giggle together, working hard on common subjects makes us yell together, partying makes us scream together. Just live it to the very peak till you can no longer hold on. Do not take short cuts cause you will never learn and one day you will realize there is no short cut in life. I am lazy, but I am working on it :)
For the weeks to come, wish me luck! My second year will perhaps be the toughest of all. Will not be blogging as frequent but I will post up latest pictures from time to time. Time constraint. Going for a trip tomorrow and I have lab reports and assignments to do. Adios!