Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sort of feelings

Has anyone of you been in an almost-relationship?

Well explained and as weird as the name itself,

it creates awkward situation.

I have been in one,

and phew how glad I am that it is the one and only.

This was a few years ago before I was in a stable relationship.

I was single and I did not mind hanging out with guys,

like seriously guys only.

So here was how terrible is an almost-relationship,

which I warn you not to try if you lack trust and confidence.

There was this guy who I chat with quite frequently,

and one day he asked me out fml.

Being adventurous as I am always,

I agreed without second thought.

We had casual walks, casual talks but not at casual time.

Usually we go for walks after 12am, in the dark cold nights.

You get what I mean wtf.

So one there, climax, he said he sort of like me.

wtf sort of??

okay fine so I was also sort of into him,

or maybe a little more than he was into me fml.

When two people like each other, love blossoms right?


But it did not happen, cause we only sort of like each other.

We lost contact after the confession,

none of us want to be in an actual relationship.

Until we both found ourselves in stable relationship afterwards.

Now it gets super awkward when we meet, when we talk.

No proper hello, no proper goodbye.

It just started in a snap and ended in a blink.

That sort of feelings, where did it go?


ken said...

feelings come and go.. gotta capture it when it comes =)

Wan Lin said...

LOL did u think bout this after i mention what happened to me? hahahah!!!

anyways... wanna slap those guys who use the word "sort of". one asshole used that to me. reli wanted to jus chop his balls off... LOL