Wednesday, February 27, 2008

sick of my love life

may lin is feeling confused with her love life..
y cant she loves the guy who loves her?
y cant they be together forever even though they love each other???

may lin is also not sure whether she still loves the guy who she had a crush on after her break up wif her ex..
is he juz a replacement for her ex?
if it is, then y is she hurt so much when he rejected her???

shud may lin believe in any other guys after she was badly hurt?

may lin juz knew a guy who treats her like a princess..
he had the symptoms that he likes her..
if he confessed,
will may lin be able to accept him??

shud she reject him,
juz because she was hurt by guys before..?
n regret after that..?

wat shud may lin do???
will she find true love one day..?
and regain her believes towards guys??

stay tunned for more updates on her love life..
-may lin-

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my job as a promoter

Well.. started a part time job as a promoter while waiting for my SPM results.. im a promoter for ladies Everbest and Santa Barbara Plo & Racquet Club shoes..
dats me (right) & mary on de (left)..
im wifouts shoes..coz my toes hurt..lolzi was half way doing my january closing stocks check..
me (left) & my partner, Margret..
*we r not supposed to use hp on de selling ground* in parkson de spring de toilet..
de green thingy is not a toilet pass..only visitors pass under everbest de shoe shelf.. *resting*me n miz eifa of hush puppies..
we were in de fitting room of The Executive & Valentino Rudy..Everbest, EVB, Tracee, Hush Puppies & Noche de shoes store..

More updates coming soon!!
current mood-confused wif my life..

im back!!

hi guys..
may lin is back in blog spot..
i created diz acc ba i sat for spm..
n....dat was few months ago..
view my blogs for more info bout wats happening in my life!