Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Orphans-dream

It was not so clear but the men, who came a while ago asking permission to go to the other side of the town, came running saying, “they were there”. That was when I knew it was something I was looking forward to. They demanded us to follow them uphill. They said the children; the orphans are trapped in the house.


Long time ago I have heard them calling for help but only to see no one around. I ran back asking for help but no one believed me. The house, the orphanage was abundant years ago. After I told my story, I was never allowed to play outside the gates. Dad left us soon before, no doubt Mum was strict on us. Until today a few men dressed in black coats came to us, the house at the edge of the village to ask about the orphanage. Mum kept us away but I heard her yelling, “stop disturbing our lives. Go find out yourself. We had enough these years”. Indeed, this was not the first time they came, perhaps when I was away for school.


They came back with their face all pale and panting, as if they have seen ghost. Their shoes covered with dirt, like they ran miles. They said they need our help. I was already a teenage boy, keeping the darkest to myself. I followed. It was pass midnight; the moon is brightly shining above our heads when we climbed uphill. When I first place my sight on the orphanage after seven years, the lightning strikes and the wolves howled. The four of us looked at each other. I knew it was too ironic, it only happens in movies, I thought. We reached the house and the door was wide open, as if welcoming us. Looking at my furious face, Sir John explained that they had broken in earlier. I was in fact more than relief to hear that.


We decided to split up. It was the dumbest idea but I was na├»ve. This thing had been haunting me and all I want now is to get it out of my head. I never forget the boy who was standing beside the window, with the wood fire behind him, as if they were so near. That night I heard a howl, he was gone and I ran back crying. I had fever the whole week. Too afraid to let anyone know what happened, I sulked for a few months until the day my Dad passed. I told Mum what happened but she thought I was so depressed after Dad’s death that I start imagining stuffs.


I took out my candle and lighted it. Swayed it around but saw nothing. I walked further up to the kitchen, nothing. Then I saw this door below the stairs. Under the stairs, there is a small garden. I make my way nearer, I saw something sparkling. I came near to a pair of deep blue eyes. She quickly turned away when she saw my candle. I was stoned, wanting to scream but nothing came out. I feet were so heavy. I was there to witness her every movement. She called a few other girls who were sleeping beside her, she lead them into the room next to where they were sleeping and the door closed right after them.


I felt a gush of wind and my candle when out. I was in total darkness but suddenly I heard noises from the room. Children’s laughter and voices. Curious of what was happening, I entered the room, not lighting my candle afraid I will scare another child, or should I say, ghost? The door knob was easier to turn than I expected. I looked into darkness, but hear voices. Without taking more steps and feeling sure nobody or nothing is beside me, I lighted up my candle again. Twice, I wondered where the wind came from a confined room. Only the third, I managed to light it up. The room was filled with children. The older reading to the younger and some younger ones chasing after one another around the huge room. With one running pass me. That was when I spotted the boy, sitting alone in front of the wood fire. Still look the same; he hasn’t grown much I thought, only to remember that I was not in my world.


I made my way to him, until a girl stopped me. I guess she is the eldest sister there. She placed her finger over her lips, demanding me to keep quiet. Then I followed her to a table full of bread and wine. I heard my name being called, once, twice. Should I run? Or should I stay to listen to her story? Will I ever get out of this room? Why does it felt so peaceful but still something amiss?


Bel knocked on the door and came in with some Indian food. That was when my dream ended. I did not manage to find out what happened to the orphans. I did escape back to live, but feeling dizzy after the dream. I wanted to save the children, free their souls. But there is no way to get back to that dream. Whoever stayed in the dream, help them. Maybe it is true, maybe it is not, but dream makes reality. And dream, is, a game of mind.

Pardon my poor English, I wrote this within half an hour after I finished my Indian food :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I apologize for my blog is so dead.

Having my final exam now.

Last paper on next Tuesday,

but I am just too exhausted to even on my laptop.

Totally screwed up my previous papers,

study like freaking hard, did group study,

but ending up crying when I was done with them.

How stupid was that.

And I do feel I am getting stupider, if there is such word.

Long holiday after my last paper,

will blog bout my long forgotten field trip,

though the semester has ended by then.

I am getting to bed, spent whole day sleeping.

Tomorrow will start studying again.

And btw, my brother entered UTP (check about me section) as well.

Taking Chemical Engineering.

I know it sounds cooler than mine,

but his complains bout orientation is enough to annoy me.

You will see us both blogging bout happenings in UTP soon enough.

Wish me luck for my last paper.

I terribly need it cause my hardworks and prayers didn't work so well.


Sometimes I just couldn't be bothered as long as I pass my papers.

But that was not what I told the bf.

To grab the job opportunities for my course and in this industry,

you just got to be above average.