Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I apologize for my blog is so dead.

Having my final exam now.

Last paper on next Tuesday,

but I am just too exhausted to even on my laptop.

Totally screwed up my previous papers,

study like freaking hard, did group study,

but ending up crying when I was done with them.

How stupid was that.

And I do feel I am getting stupider, if there is such word.

Long holiday after my last paper,

will blog bout my long forgotten field trip,

though the semester has ended by then.

I am getting to bed, spent whole day sleeping.

Tomorrow will start studying again.

And btw, my brother entered UTP (check about me section) as well.

Taking Chemical Engineering.

I know it sounds cooler than mine,

but his complains bout orientation is enough to annoy me.

You will see us both blogging bout happenings in UTP soon enough.

Wish me luck for my last paper.

I terribly need it cause my hardworks and prayers didn't work so well.


Sometimes I just couldn't be bothered as long as I pass my papers.

But that was not what I told the bf.

To grab the job opportunities for my course and in this industry,

you just got to be above average.


chris_lim said...

Dun push ur self too hard yea. Take care n good luck for ur final paper.

Mr Lonely said...

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evyYING said...

jia you..this time and moment..i thk evryone feel the same..stress enough to get headache..i know saying do you best is so common enuf..but thn that is wat we can do now..just do our best and live on..dont worry about the grade..u do ur best..u feel better..=)