Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stay healthy!

It is officially the Monsoon season so many people are falling sick.
My Mum and youngest brother just recovered
from fever and now still having cough.
I am having boil on my leg cause my body is
doing detox after I had a few prawns.
I have prawns allergy, that is when things get bad.
My eyes swell and you can hardly see my pupils.
Minor allergy, my body will detox itself.

Seeing many people getting sick during this bad weather period,
I figured a way to stay healthy!
Here is what I practiced 3 to 4 times a week.

Making vege & fruit mix juice!
More of ordinary drink cause I keep all the residues for ruffedge.

This time the ingredients are:

Previously I only had tomato and celery so the juice taste quite bittersweet.
I don't like the taste so I added in some more sweetness.

Just put in everything into the blender,
make sure you cut them all into small pieces
or else your blender may get stuck.
Even if it works, it is not good for your blender in long term.
Add some water to ease the blending.

Blend blend blend!
And there you are done with it!

Pour your juice mix into a glass or a covered container.
You can keep it refrigerated for 2 days and drink it best during breakfast! :)

You can change the ingredients everytime you blend.
Add in your favourite fruits like
Apple, Pears, Kiwi, Orange etc. to alter the taste.

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