Monday, January 11, 2010

10 reasons why girls like bad boys

my version of : 10 reasons why girls like bad boys.

here I am writing based on opinions, views,

research and experience...

and based on some pillow talks with my girls :D

1. bad boys know how to treat a girl

Though bad boys are famous for being playboys, most of the time they understand girls more than any other guys. They may never love the girl, love may even be a prohibited word but they know how to treat girls well. They know the rules played by girls, that she means yes when she says no. Bad boys usually understand that most girls love flowers and chocolate.

2. bad boys have high sense of fashion

Though sometimes they dress up even more fashionable than the girls, girls feel confident going out with them. They are well dressed, neat and even smell good. Bad boys are very particular about fashion trends and to girls, this is actually something attractive. Who wouldn't want a guy to look cool and smart.

3. bad boys are good looking

Many said good looking guys are gay but I am not saying being gay is bad. I respect it that people get to make their own choice of living. For girls, finding out that a hot looking girl she totally adore is a gay is totally disappointing. This is unexplainable by me wtf. I don't get it as well why most bad boys are good looking. Sometimes it is disappointing that I look for good looking ones only to find them being bad boys.

4. bad boys are possessive

Possessive boys can be scary but then they protect you 24/7. Which girls don't like to feel secure all the time. Some bad boys are excessively loyal to their partner, which brings both good and bad. Good as in where can you find someone loyal with above 3 reasons, bad as in no matter you are married or not you don't have much freedom besides clinging on him. These possessive bad boys are also willing to spend any amount of money and time on the girls.

5. bad boys have high ego

Bad boys have so high ego that it can reach the sun and go pass it. This actually leads to reason number 4. Bad boys have so high fighting spirit like samurai they cannot stand seeing other bad boys with more branded clothes, more tattoo, more spiky hair, brighter dyed hair, better sports car and cuter girls. High ego causes these bad boys to be highly competitive and competitive guys are loved by girls. Which girls don't want the strongest guy wtf

6. bad boys like show off their girls

This is lead by reason number 5. Due to their oh-so-high ego, they compete who hook up the prettiest, hottest and sexiest girls as well. They meet in gang at the road side or at the club, drink beer and smoke while clinging onto their girls. Some girls like this kind of guys lor...I said some, not all. Being show off to other handsome bad boys perhaps make her feel proud wtf and make her got some feeling like my-bf-can-beat-your-bf.

7. bad boys can sweet talk

Getting back to point number 1. Bad boys know all the words used to persuade girls, all the words to stop the tears and all the words to win the heart. Trust me, they are that good that is why most bad boys never bother looking for girls cause girls come to them wtf

8. bad boys are superb in break dance & DotA

Extra skills or talents in boys do attract girls, trust me. They are additional point just like girls can cook, can dance, can sing and can blog wtf. Since break dance and DotA are now a days men's identity, so I guess to girls, guys who break dance and play DotA are more manly and attractive wtf

9. bad boys don't care what you do

The total opposite with good boys who teach you to do everything right and educating you in everything, bad boys don't care what you are doing wrongly. Bad boys are cool and happy go lucky type of guys who have everything they want and won't bother about anything else. Besides the possessive type of bad boys, other type just let you linger around as long as you do not interfere with his personal life. They are so confident in themselves so they just give you the cash and let you go on shopping spree.

10. bad boys are good in the game

Some girls just enjoy being in the game, the love game. Girls enjoyed being wooed and being asked for cellphone numbers and home address. Girls love waiting for calls though they knew these bad boys may or may not call. Bad boys are good at keeping girls waiting and girls like the wait.

mind you,

I mentioned girls, not ladies or women.

I did a few surveys and most ladies mentioned that they like bad boys,

but only for fun.

Bad boys are not good husbands or life partner.

I went through something similar,

kept wondering why I like bad boys more.

Then, the feeling just blew.

Maybe I was immatured,

maybe that is what happening to the girls. :D


Ariff Suffian Zainal  said...

HAHA not so sure about the Dota part though!

Wan Lin said...

yeah.. not so sure bout the dota part... hahaha!!

dam. ill be real crazy with bad boys if they dun hav 4,5,6.
now that u mention this topic, i know a lot of guys who are bad boys!! hahahhaha!!

MayLin :: Melinda said...

hahah...since both of u mentioned the dota part (I 'm nt quite sure either why it's in wtf), I saw some views on bad boys and some girls do feel weird if guys don't play's like an identity.. hahah

Daphnee said...

hahha. true! true trueeeeeee!!

i like bad boys myself. i just cant stand boys that are too nice. i find them boring and totally unattractive. and i cant stand boys that dont dress up! seriously i cannot go out with guys that doesnt know how to wear nice clothes. this is bad i know. haha. sorry for this. but this is bad as sometimes the girl may be hurt or get cheated.

for now, lets pray that i'll not like bad boys anymore. it sucks seriously. ahaha

MayLin :: Melinda said...

daph : yea, I used to like bad boys too. I felt it totally wrong but I just can't figure out why. lol... I'm sure it's not only guys who wanna see girls dress up properly but girls wanna see guys the same way. (hopefully all the guys read this. hahah)

Anonymous said...

nice post btw...
n i think i'm just d good guys...

MayLin :: Melinda said...

syahmi: guess I don't need to post up "why girls like good boys" right...hahah