Wednesday, November 24, 2010

rare updates?

Sunday will be my last paper for this semester!!

Then I am off for 2 months holidays.

Well, self declared cause my Uni so stupid.

Semester starts a week before Chinese New Year,

how can I go back and forth within a week,

I am not some millionaire daughter.

Going KL for 2 nights, Sunway, Pavillion and lots of eating with the babes.

Before that, going to the dentist on Saturday.

Last check up for this year.

I wish to remove my braces before the 2 months holiday, can?

*shows puss in boots eyes*

Next semester schedule damn packed, 18 credit hours,

with shortened semester after the new structure is announced.

Luckily I rejected all the offer of events,

barely caught my breath this semester.

I won't wanna get through something similar again, torturous.

Actually got a plan for next year.

I need a wardrobe makeover, next to makeover my hair.

My hair is super long, straight and black right now, like damn dull.

But a student is a student.

Perhaps Mum is right, I can do all those when I earn my own money.

Another 2.5 years till graduation, aiming high. *curse final exams*

Sometimes I just don't get how everything I studied for fcuking 4-5 months,

and the result is decided in fcuking 2-3 hours, like wth.

Planning to take a job during my holiday, who wanna employ me?

In Kuching only plsss..

Or else, taking back all dance lessons I missed, getting my first facial,

pamper myself with manicure, body scrub perhaps and etc.

I will update on my blog more frequently after my final exam.

And updates on my holidays!! I can't wait!

So sorry for the rare updates, but stay tuned!

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