Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It takes 2 to Tango

I read this news on The Star online : Neo plans flick over his fling with model.

Yes indeed, the news of Jack Neo,
the famous Singaporean director & actor had been going around for a while.
I had been also reading a post from Dead Cockroach .

While Jack Neo is in fact a fool to destroy his own marriage and family,
and begging for forgiveness from his family,
I don't find a reason that mistress of his deserves the apology.

It is true that he started the whole misery by sending her a message,
but obviously she had a devil in herself.

Let me summarize my point with a true story.


Few years back, I was actively involved in open chat room.
Where people all over the world get to chat openly.
Of course my intention was only to find friends.
I never believe in internet love or distance relationships,
though a relative of mine found her husband thousand miles away online.

I was chatting with many international guys and girls,
just sharing interest such as my love for dancing and information of our countries.
Then there was this Malaysian man.
Of course I was excited cause at last I found a Malaysian.

At first we were only chatting through the open chat room,
but since we were both Malaysians,
we figured it will be easier chatting through msn or ym.

So we exchanged msn accounts.
That was when I found out he is a handsome guy in his early 30's.
He is also married with 2 young children.
However, his job requires him to travel a lot and frequently leaving his family.

I thought it was fine being friends with him.
It went on for a week,
that I asked him about his job, his family,
while he asked me bout my studies and stuffs like that.

It was after that week,
he asked me whether I was willing to be his girlfriend,
in other words, his mistress.

Of course I was very shocked.
Cause I heard of many family affairs but I never thought it will happen to me,
me trying to break a family.

And I figured all the consequences.
What if he is rich and handsome?
It still don't make sense cause I will be destroying a family,
and what will happen to his children?

Then I can imagine all those tears on his wife if she found out about him.
And how his young children will suffer.
I said no to him, I can't bear the burden of others suffering because of me.

I was also sure I deserve something better,
I deserve finding my own happiness as he has found his.
I was lucky things were not serious.
He said he understood why I rejected him.

After that, I was afraid history will be repeated.
So we lost contact, I changed my number.
Until now, I do hope he is still faithful to his family,
and respects him wife.
I hope no girls out there will be tricked by him.


I am very sure all mistress(es) out there had a choice,
even though it is dead or alive, heaven or hell,
it is still a choice.
Choose wisely before it is too late.
It is not something to honor having handsome & rich boyfriends,
when you are ruining the happiness of others.


It is true,
it takes two to Tango.


atreyu strange said...

That's so sweet of you to think of his wife and kids. I'm proud of you babe! And I'm sure many women out there would agree!

axiz of alteration said...

lol this story sounds familiar for reasons i think i shudnt disclose here lol....

wrong use of the title btw, the phrase shudnt be used in this context...

MayLin :: Melinda said...

atreyu strange : yup. sometimes it is that selfish thinking which kills.

axiz of alteration : familiar to u? lol. no worries, u dunnoe this story. and why is the title wrong? maybe u're seeing it in a diff view.