Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My favourite surfing spot

I am quite an addict of the internet.
My family started of with a dial up modem, then changed to Streamyx.
And now we are using wireless at home since we have 2 laptops and a desktop.

After I entered Uni,
I spent most of my time using wireless.
However, the signal was initially so weak.
So most of us prefer to surf in the library,
or since the library is freezing cold, some prefer being outside of the library.
As shown in the picture below.

photo credits to Michelle Lee

During those days,
the wireless signal was only strong in that area in which we call the Undercroft.
So even if it's miles away,
we did sacrificed for the internet.
And it was a great spot for DotA :)

After quite sometime,
we found out the usage of LAN wires in our room.
We asked for the configuration from the seniors and walla!
The speed is of course was faster using LAN cables.
Except that some sides are being blocked by the management,
which we have no problem accessing using a software called u95,
now we spend our time surfing 24/7 (at least for me) in our room!

10 reasons how my room is my favourite surfing spot :

1. I start and end my day by surfing

2. I eat and drink while surfing

3. I can study while surfing :D

4. I have a nice view ahead of me while surfing

5. I get to do my research in my room

6. I save time walking to the library

7. I can watch streaming movies or Youtube in my room

8. I get to download songs and blast them without complains

9. While waiting for the videos to load, I can visit my friends' rooms

10. I can go to the toilet anytime without fearing my laptop will be stolen :P

Happy surfing!! :D

Presenting Portable Modem Wiggy by P1 W1Max,
even better than my Uni wireless or LAN cable.
Faster and convenient.
Can go online anywhere but still on high speed :)

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Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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