Tuesday, March 9, 2010

pig vs koala vs sloth vs bat

Omfg, I'm so happy though I just ended my FIRST test.
My freaking first test for the semester.
4 more tests to go in 3 more days.
Just can't wait till mid semester break next week.
I'm going to Penang, yeayyy!!
Life so far had been so miserable.
I got sickly sick, as in real sick that I NEED to skip lectures.
I didn't get any sick leaves cause I have my own medications.
Bla bla bla....actually it's gastritis la.
Now I am so lazy to study for my next, next, next and next tests.
Freaking 8 chapters, 11 chapters kay....
Like, really torturous. Hmmph...
But then today I am happy cause I didn't study so hard,
so if my result sucks then it's ok la wtf
No deep frustrations, high expectations and stuffs like that.
That's why sometimes I just don't bother studying.
If people can die studying,
like high pressure in the brain and suicidal like that,
then better I don't torture myself right...
And I am like a pig lately,
actually why pig??
I thought sloth, bats or koala sleep more?? wtf
I had been sleeping almost 24 hours a day,
terrible migraine due to my gastritis.
Tonight having group study.
It may not be so effective cause it will be at the cafe,
but then better than my freaking hot room.
screw the weather-screw the tests.
okay, lousy acronym wtf.
The weather had been making me so moody,
making me sickly sickly sick (note that this time double sickly wtf)
I got no mood to do anything,
even sleeping I will be sweating like pig,
why pig again?? wtf
And my room now like rubbish dump cause no time to tidy.
Cannot take picture cause you may get blind wtf
Sometimes even no time to bath, no time to eat.
Ya la ya la, that's why my gastritis strikes.
The available time is all used to sleep, and online wtf
I admit my time management sucks max.
Taking a short nap XD

below is just random:

The amazing fashion icon

"I can't live without high heels and fake lashes."
Lady Gaga

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