Sunday, December 27, 2009

# 444

It's post number 444.

I present the grand opening of my new blog :

Mua Shoppin' Bag in now open for public view.

I have longed to open a blog to share what are in my shopping bag.

I basically shop a lot.

If it's not on food, then it will be on shoes, clothes,

hair accessories, facial stuffs and bla bla bla.

But again, I am not some rich spoilt princess who shops like hell.

I do budget shopping and compare prices.

Well, most of the time, I think.

Before that,

I would like to apologize for not updating my blog on any X'mas eve,

or X'mas post because I am totally busy this freaking whole week.

It's proven when Babe says he misses me.

Yeah, he seldom say he misses me cause I usually boost around him.

I didn't capture any picture,

which makes blogging even lazier,

cause my hands were busy doing something else.

Now it's after X'mas,

I'll update more frequent.

Till then, adios!!

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