Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nah! For ewww!

My last post was on December 1oth,

today is December 16th.

*smiles at self*

It has been almost a week without any post.

I am a pathetic blogger.

Lately I am so occupied with Dancing With The Stars,

downloaded the whole Season 9 with my super slow streamyx.

Plus, my brother plays Dota almost 24/7 so imagine the speed.

If not anything connected to dancing,

I will be busy trying to finish all the movies in my external hard disk.

Or doing survey on phones cause my receiver is currently sot already.

But most importantly is I sleep at least 12 hours a day,

you heard me - at least, not at most.

Today is the 24th day I am back an Kuching,

and sleeping has been my hobby since.

Day 1 I slept almost 24 hours :|

Had few plans hanging out with my Uni mates,

Secondary School mates and Primary School mates.

Sadly only went out once, the 5 hours K-box.

Twice, I apologized because I have family matters.

The BBQ trip this Friday, I can't make it :(

Will be having blessing prayer at home.

Next week *fingers crossed* hopefully plan with Uni mates succeed.

Before I end, congrats Bel for passing her driving test. xoxo

Abouthetile :

"Nah!" is said when people give things.
For example, "Nah! Take this!"
"For ewww!" is actually "For you!" in a lala way.
yikes! XD
So it's "Nah! For you!".
Yes, I give you this post after a long break.


Isabel Goh said...

thanks meilin!!!! so honored... hehe... and lets plan when to go out when you're free k? muaks... :D

MayLin :: Melinda said...

ok darling! muackss! :D

Wan Lin said...

hey yesterday (thurs) The Stars newspapers at the page before T6. theres a rm50 ringgit discount coupon to dye (whole head) at selected loreal stores. cut that page out if u wan it..

the coupon is valid till 28 feb.
apparently i think kuching dun hav... cant find it in the list of selected stores. but perak hav... ok.. jus telling u =P since i remmeber u said u wanna dye. hehe maybe ill dye again also... but im hesitating. since my mum dun like it!!

MayLin :: Melinda said...

lol...I'm still waiting for my hair to grow longer...if not need to touch up, waste money. My bro wanna dye his hair like, green. Wanna pierce See whether my mum agrees on him 1st XD