Sunday, December 20, 2009

camera shy

Last Friday, had a prayer at home to bless the house.

So practically my relatives came to help as well.

Friends went out on a trip on the same day,

but I skipped due to the prayer.

Another friend going to Singapore on Saturday

and asked me out to a movie.

Sadly, I can't make it as well.

Have plan to make it up to her when she comes back.

I will not be in Kuching for Christmas,

will be celebrating Christmas in my village.

Going back anytime between Monday and Wednesday.

So, lets get the pictures to do the talking now.

2 cousins and 1 nephew.

Had their own drawing & colouring lesson while the adults were busy.

My cousin's peace.

Sempat posing while cooking.

Cousins and nephew playing hide and seek

Me posing with tumpiks. wtf

Family talks. Parents. Grandparents.

Shot by my brother

Shot by me. that's Pipi.

Short term of pink wtf

Minyak cap kapak. wtf Shot by my bro.

Lil children having early dinner

Nephew (right) trying to be Ultraman.

Cousin (left) trying to be......

Eating dinner

Me taking out extra plates, bowls, cups from the cupboard.

With my cousin.

Uncle (top) wrestling with his nephew (below).

They are at the same age.

Cousin and nephew just took their bath.

His towel too small for him. wtf

Tumpik, shot by my bro.

Part of the food.

High tea.

Another random shot by my bro.

The two of them just love to sit under the dining table.

Me making drinks for the guests.

That's me, holding my cousin's and nephew's Ultraman.

Tried to hide them. *evil*

Lunch time!

Semua makan2.

Camera shy

abouthetitle :

I don't have any idea of what to put as the title.
So there goes the caption of the last picture. wtf


Wan Lin said...

ur bro very ... modern? cuz he wans to dye green... hahaa

anyway... omg cute cousins and newphew... but im sure u had a rough time taking care of them..

when i was lil.. i like to sit under the big table too... so ppl cant see me ... and i can see evryone.. LOL something liddat

oo... i duno wats tampik... nex time i mus try that in srwak...

MayLin :: Melinda said... cute la...
can imagaine u hide under the table dy... XD

yup2, next time June hopefully u ppl can come. My mum said come for Rainforest Music Festival, cause now Sarawak no more school holiday during unfair right...

Wan Lin said...

adoi.. i tot malaysia is known for country with lots of school hols...

aiks... can imagine me hiding under table rr... hahha...