Thursday, December 10, 2009

I chose to leave him

I had this dream (yea, only dream lmao) which was quite blurry and it made me sleep till 12 noon today. I wanted to know what happened after the other so I kept myself in bed. It was a tragic love story (yea, exactly spelled like the Taylor Swift song wtf). There were me and two good looking guys, one was my boyfriend, let's call him, and the other was SCR (not Singapore Chicken Rice la, it's Sorry Cannot Reveal). In my dream, I guess I was around 25 years old (yes, I saw the future look of myself wtf). I was forced by my parents to marry SCR, which I was very reluctant of because I do love (not only in my dream la, real life too wtf). The problem is I cannot go against my parents decision and SCR is such a perfect guy that girls are drooling over him (but he's not selling the much loved Singapore Chicken Rice wtf). He is the kind of guy who has the attitude, the looks, the education, the money, the humour and all you want in a guy. SCR looked so irresistible that I hesitated. I made the decision to accept him as my husband. Apparently making the story even more tragic, SCR and are good friends. The scene at the wedding was funny and humiliating at the same time. No, I didn't run away (I'm not the runaway bride, Julia Roberts is) and was sitting there looking into empty space. Everything was not organized, people running up and down to get stuffs done. It was done in a rush, nothing was perfect. However, we managed to exchange rings and that was when I felt a click. This is wrong, what have I done? During the reception, I was in the washroom trying to figure out what should I tell and my parents. I wrote a short letter to, telling him how much I still love him and whether he will accept me if I was going to take off the rings (actually is wanna divorce but don't know why it didn't show in the dream). I walked out the washroom with my eyes swollen cause I cried so much. I bumped into him since I was walking with my head down to hide the teary eyes. The letter fell on the ground, he saw his name on it and immediate picked it up and read it. He said his love for me has fallen from 100% to 0.3% (lmao I don't know why it's 0.3% wtf but that was what he said in my dream). I knew he lied, he didn't want to look in my eyes wtf. So I told him I still love him and I made a very big mistake. Tragic part la where my tears like pipe, non stop crying. I was like feeling it that now I lost him is when I really need him. Then there was this flashback part on what I had done but he was so patient on me. I never appreciate what he did ( told me this in real life actually, so I changed wtf) and I was always expecting something more from so much of what he had done for me. When he said his love only 0.3% lmao, I knew why but still kept asking why wtf. So he got tired and told me all the bad things I have done and I started to realize I want no other guy but only him. Okay, this part also funny. Suddenly I grab his hand, ran to my parents and tell them I wanna divorce that SCR. Then of course they knew what happen la cause I was holding tight on They said okay lmao. SCR actually over heard what I said cause I was like screaming. Of course since he actually didn't love me, he kept cool and just smile at me, cause I finally found true love and learnt from my mistakes. I also don't know where the audience went, the background was like black, we were like floating in the galaxie wtf. The end wtf.

p/s : the story actually freaking funny and illogical but I learnt a lesson from it. Most of us learn only to appreciate people and things only when we lost them. At least in my dream gave me the chance and I got to turn back. However, not everyone get the same chance, only if your reply 0.3% or higher lmao.


Isn't it obvious?
If you've read the story, you'll know. :)


Kasia Kanaun @ Raya Ramoh said...

Wakaka...Everything is fair game in love and war. Even in a dream.

MayLin :: Melinda said... was such a weird dream. Maybe because I've faced something in life which makes me doubt the people I love... XD