Thursday, April 28, 2011

Larger than life

Have you heard about him?

He's a Malaysian Mentalist.

And he's a super senior from my University.

I am very sure he graduated before I entered.

Read his latest post in his website.

It was shared by a senior.

An advisable path but not an advisable way to get there.

However his story is much more than just inspiring.

His biography would make a hit, especially to UTP students. LOL

Go read!

He makes me wonder why am I here...or why am I still here..

Most of us are here not by our own choice.

I think 80% of UTP students are sponsored students.

We came here cause we are sponsored.

Some people learn to like what they are given,

some just go with the flow...

Others have other random plans in mind...

title by: Backstreet boys :)

It's not related to the post but duhhh...

I got presentation and test tomorrow from 8am onwards..

My brain is occupied!

Wish me luck!

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