Saturday, April 30, 2011

I buay pai seh, U pai seh?

There is no ugly woman, only lazy woman.

Do you believe in that?

Well I seldom wear make up or dress well cause in this isolated place I am at right now,

I guess nobody cared.

You see, I am in an Engineering Technology university.

Girls here don't wear skirts or dresses, or seldom, except for special reason.

Like for presentation, going for function, events etc.

Only not-pants clothing you can see people wearing is Baju Kurung.

Even so, the Malay girls seldom wear it.

For us it is a lil bit inconvenient.

We can go for fieldwork in those, how to climb the hills?

We can go to lab, can but inconvenient as I said.

Restricted movement cause we need to jaga2, you get what I mean wtf.

So here I am during the first day of my study weeks days going over Youtube.

I came across these videos, reality show from Taiwan.

Called Diamond something2 or something2 Diamond don't remember.

They had these competitions on how much these girls change before and after makeup.

So the girls have to come out with bare face, then show their make up skills.

I can say that the transformation are amazing.

These girls are mostly in their mid 20's.

They started using makeup around 13-14 years old.

This is in one of the episode:

One word, WOW!!

If you want to watch the video also can..

This one I embedded is related to the picture above..

You can browse through yourself for many other episodes.

I guess mine should not be a surprise to my friends since I usually AM bare face.

They should be surprised when I wear make up. LOL

But for those who don't know me...

Scroll down...

This will surely corrode my reputation but for the girls who hate pretty women,

or at least are jealous.

Stop, cause you hurting yourself.

Start putting in your efforts (of course what I mean here is not surgery).

And make up is only for show, I am not here to encourage.

Even good things come to an end.

Everything has it's limit.

Go nude when possible and no make up is always the best.

Wear only when you need extra boost and extra confidence in yourself.

This is ME, bare face (I did purposely make myself look abit ugly *slaps self*)

If you watched the videos, you'll see that too.

They put the girls in pyjamas, messy hair, large spectacles etc.


This is like the....3rd time?? this year that I wore makeup on my own?? wtf

The 4th was for a show,

which I was in a situation where I was forced to wear makeup.

Rusted skills and rusted makeup tools.

They had been resting in the cupboard for quite a long time.. huhu

So now my after look??

If you are wondering why is my eyebrows so clean?

I just went threading this afternoon.

My first threading experience!!

Before this I heard that it was painful.

But the lady was so pro, she did it so fast.

Now I think plucking is the most painful compared to shaving and threading.

Just to make you blind.

Please do not scroll down if you don't wanna be blind..

I add some more buay pai seh (shameless in Hokkien) photos.

Prepared to get blind, or vomit.

*uhuk uhuk uhuk*

And trust me, circle lens is the key thing for uzzlangs.

Don't know what it means? Go Google.

And, you still believe that there are pretty women out there?

Make sure you saw her bare face before making any important decisions.

And for girls, though guys will still go for natural beauty,

pampering yourselves and showing good first impression is still important :)


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Nava Kishnan said...

threading is the best way of beautiful eye brows and its so reasonably priced.

Daphnee said...

where did u did the threading? i cant find a place nearby! hehee. and yes, must see bare face. i looked damn pale without make up erkkkk

MayLin :: Melinda said...

Daph: I went at Batu Gajah. If do threading must go Indian beauty shop...damn pro. Haha. Kavita said Ipoh got 1 of the best in Malaysia, must go check out