Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Result day

We had been waiting for our results since the first day we started our semester.

There were rumors here and there on the dates which the result will be announced.

At last there was an official announcement that it will be announce today at 2PM.

True enough like what a friend said, even if it is already 3PM, the result will not be out.

Usually we check out result through our Student Portal named Prism.

What is more disappointing, Prism was not only disable,

they made a hard copy announcement asking us to collect them at the office.

The just a small room with a counter.

Imagine the queue...... @.@

So I figured I won't die if I check my results a few days after, or even next week.

People skip classes to go collect the result slips.

I am anxious cause I didn't do so well last semester,

but we'll a few days time :)

Update 1:

-For matrix number below 12600, please go to the exams unit counter to get your result or you can send name and ID to the contact below,
-For matrix number between 12600 and 15826, the result will be sent to you by email, but if you did not get your result, you have to send email to the contact below or go to the exams unit counter.
-For those who are doing internship you can email to staffs below:

Sorry for inconvenience. We wish all the best for your result.

p/s: They said will email by 2pm, but till now no email. Whatever la, tak dapat result last semester pun takpe. If fail any subject sure they will email ask us to repeat right. Pity those whose matix number is after 12600 and they queue up for hours before getting this update.

Update 2:

I got my result via email last night.
I see improvement and hope to score better this semester :)

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