Thursday, June 23, 2011

If today is my last day

People had been talking about the end of the world, some said that it will be this year *gasp* but I guess majority would think that it will be next year, especially after the movie 2012 was premiered. When mentioning that next year will be the end of the world, what do you have in mind? Fear? Regrets? Confusion? Angry? Irritated? Joy wtf? As for me I do feel a lil bit of confusion. Confused whether to believe that it is true or not. If you Google up the proofs that 2012 is going to happen, you will know why. There had been a lot of discussions and arguments on this topic so it is really confusing. What if I believe? What can I do? And if I don't believe, will I regret that I didn't believe? wtf

But if today is my last day, I will probably have no regrets. It is true that there are so many things on my wishlist, so many things that I still want to do. There are so many things that I want to do for my loved ones. But I have always believe that God has plans for each and everyone of us. That if I die today, He had it planned and I will not go against His will. Being loved and loving others is perhaps what I am proud to achieved and make me living without regrets if the world ends tomorrow. If you think you have yet to find love, then seek for it before it is too late. It's all around you, you just need to explore.

I have neutral thoughts about the end of the world. I do wake up and thank God that I am still alive. But I never put my hopes too high. I had been living this life with the thoughts and worries that I may not wake up alive the next day. And the bf said that I am being silly and is worrying my ass off wtf. He said I am too stressed out about this whole thing. Well, because I am well prepared to accept death doesn't mean I am over stressed. This may sound freaky but I had been living prepared to accept any bad news about me or my loved ones.

I usually have these aims and I am satisfied as long as I work hard for it even if I don't achieve it. I complain but I will soon accept fate. As for someone studying Geology, indeed the continents may crash one day getting back as one before the current arrangement, but that will take another millions or billions of year. And if Earth is a star that will fade one day, it will also take billions of years.

Towards the myth or fact that the world is going to end, some people are freaking out. Wanting to die beside the loved ones, wanting to know when is the actual day, wanting to do everything before dying, want to die painless and peacefully and etcetera. But I just have this thought in mind, if it's going to end, it's going to end. No matter where you are and with whom so please don't put your aim so high, else you won't die peacefully wtf. My Mum always had the same thoughts too, that if God planned for your death, you just go anywhere, anytime. And Daddy finds it freaky. We don't take death for granted, but what else can we do? Or perhaps you can stop death?

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