Monday, June 6, 2011

First cash out!

The Churcp Churcp cum Nuffnang survey above should be giving you RM1 for sponsored post if you are the first 1000 to do the survey. But I guess I was too late~ Other bloggers and non bloggers out there, have you completed the survey? It is actually quite fun, unlike some lame academic surveys. *ooopsss remembering my Academic writing semester where I need to do surveys as well*

Okay back to main topic. I am proud to annouce that I can now cash out my first Nuffnang earning!! Well I can cash out at RM50 but I thought it was unecessary so I waited to hit my next target which is RM100. Now I need the money for my travelling expenses so I am going to cash it out!

Speaking about this, I have never thought of earning from blogging. It was just merely where I talk craps and share crappy stuffs. It is fun! I know the fun side of it is degrading, the frequency of posting is going down hill. But I assure you that there will be posts which you will look foward too. Still, thanks Nuffnang!

It may not be comparable with bloggers who earn more that the value above in 1 day. I earned this much after 4 years wtf. Though I joined Nuffnang kinda late. I didn't know about Nuffnang when I started blogging. However it is still surprising cause I didn't actually blogged day and night or strained my brain thinking what to post, how to post everyday. I just post whenever I want. And my followers had increased! Thanks to much for the supports! 감사합니다!

p/s: I am learning Korean language or Hangul. Whoever knows where to learn it in Ipoh, Perak plssssssssss let me know. This is kinda urgent!

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